Stefania Malikov admitted that he always wanted a different name

Стефания Маликова призналась, что всегда мечтала о другом имени

The popularity of unusual names are not passed Malikovich family. When 16 years ago was born the daughter of Dmitry and Elena Malkovich with the name they decided immediately and called his daughter Stephanie.

The name of the girl who wears it, merged in harmony, however, as admitted herself Stesha, she does not share the General enthusiasm about his name.

On his page in Instagram of Stefania said that she is much more close to the name Alena.

“Always dreamed that my name was Alena! Not Elena, and that is Alena. Such a beautiful Russian name for girl”, — she signed the photo, which depicted the image of a real Russian beauty in the midst of a snowy winter.

Subscribers Stasi noted that it is not the name that makes the man, and the man’s name, because her name is, she would still-to-face.

What would you say?