Stefania Kovalenko conquered Russian Music Box audience Her performance was part of the Fresh Box Party show.

Stefania Kovalenko conquered the Russian Music Box audience Stesha took the stage with the song “Hug ” and immediately captivated the audience. Everyone who saw this performance noted that the young and talented Stefania Kovalenko performed simply brilliantly. alt=”Stefania Kovalenko captivated the audience of the Russian Music Box” />

Besides, the song “Hug” is her author's composition, and the artist performed it with great soul. Charming, charismatic and full of energy, the nascent star instantly took all the attention and sympathy of those present.
Stesha demonstrated her strong professional vocals during her participation in Voice of Children 10, and on this show she once again confirmed her skills.

Stefania Kovalenko conquered Russian Music Box audience

Well, of course, friends and relatives came to support Stefania, who were completely delighted with her performance.

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