Status “it’s complicated”: why stars hide divorce

Статус «Все сложно»: почему звезды скрывают развод Many celebrities can not stand when the media is trying to find out details of their personal lives. That is why the popular actress and TV presenter who suffered a painful breakup with loved ones, long kept secret problems that provoked the discord in their families.
Статус «Все сложно»: почему звезды скрывают развод

Many celebrities prefer to keep secret the events of his personal life. In particular, the Russian star is thoroughly protected from prying eyes and ears of the relations in their families. So when after a while fans will learn about divorce and the breakup of their idols, they are often in shock. On Monday night after filming “Andrei Malakhov. Live” in the leaked information about the fact that Evelina Bledans divorced spouse Alexander Semin a year ago. The woman was married with the Director more than five years. They have a son Simon. Evelina Bledans divorced

Evelyn openly talked about the breakup with her husband in “Andrey Malakhov. Live,” which will be released on Wednesday on the channel “Russia-1”. On the set of a TV star supported the singer Danko and Natalia gulkin. Later Bledans recorded a video in which he explained with followere.

“Sasha was a wonderful husband and will forever remain my best friend and a wonderful father Simochka!” – said the star in a microblog.

“StarHit” also remembered other celebrities who carefully concealed the disorder in the family for several months.

Keti Topuria

Last week the soloist of A’studio Katie Topuria stunned fans of the sad news. The actress wrote a post on the page in a social network, in which he made it clear that he had long parted with her husband, businessman Lev Gamanam. The husband and wife lived in two countries: the entrepreneur was engaged in the development of business projects abroad. Probably, they pair failed to keep love at a distance. However, Leo takes care of her daughter Olivia and often spends time with her. Last weekend the family took a walk. To any journalists ‘ questions about what caused the divorce, Katie is not responding. Her family was also not aware of the situation. Keti Topuria has officially announced the separation from husband

“All of Cathy’s wonderful husband, – told “StarHit” the mother of the singer Natalie Jorjadze a few months ago. Only here all gathered together, they have a beautiful family!”

Anna Starshenbaum

28-year-old Anna starshenbaum announced the breakup with her husband Aleksey Bardukov this summer, but before the official Declaration of the stars in society for a long time there were rumors about problems in her family. About three years ago, the husband and wife have not lived together for about two months. At the same time, the media attributed to Anna brutal affair with Vladimir Agrichem, but no confirmation from the actors themselves never received.

In a recent interview, the celebrity said that she tried to hide the divorce from Alexei from their son Vanya. That is why Starshenbaum and her husband have to live in the same apartment. In the future they plan to agree on who and how much time will spend with the heir. According to the actress, they will remain with the chosen friends.

Daria Dmitrieva

Статус «Все сложно»: почему звезды скрывают развод

Known a couple of sportsmen was able to stay in the marriage for about two years. Gymnast Daria Dmitrieva and hockey player Alexander Radulov divorced in the early summer of this year. According to the young women, she decided to break off relations with her husband, as some aspects of his character she never managed to change.

“The initiator of the divorce was me. Alexander, a worthy man, a great father, but there are things that I personally can not tolerate that. There are moral principles! It’s still my fault. I thought people change, but it was a ridiculous mistake! Remember: one person for another will never change! And we need to accept each other for who we are! He loved, I am loved, but living with it was impossible. There is a limit. I like people that are not for everyone,” said Daria in a social network.

Marina Fedunkiv

Artist Comedy shows Comedy Woman Marina Fedunkiv known to a wide audience with his sketches. The woman keeps a blog on the Internet, which puts an amusing parody of the colleagues. However, personal issues humoriste prefer not to discuss on social networks.

Recently in an interview, Marina Fedunkiv openly talked about family conflict. Star said suddenly broke up with her husband. However, the comedian called the decision correct and not lamenting about it.

“When the senses themselves are becoming obsolete, why continue to exist together? Moreover, I love to live… After a breakup felt only relief, because we have tolerated each other. This is wrong,” said the star of Comedy Woman.