Высказывания, изменившие мир!

Leonardo DiCaprio was waiting for the receipt of the award “Oscar” long 22 years and finally it happened! 6 people nominated and happened – the coveted “Oscar”. The speech the actor began traditionally, thanked colleagues, parents, friends, and then started to talk about things, absolutely not typical for these evenings!
“The legend of Hugh glass – a film about the relationship of man to nature! 2015 was the hottest in the history of mankind, and we all felt! Our crew was forced to go to the southern part of the planet, just to find snow,” proclaimed Leonardo award “Oscar”.

Высказывания, изменившие мир!
Shocked at the state of nature DiCaprio urged all to unite and start fighting global warming.
“Let’s not take this world as something self-evident!”, — finished the speech Leonardo DiCaprio hugging in the hands of the award “Oscar”.

Высказывания, изменившие мир!
But who knows Leonardo closer, not really utilise that the actor spoke on the subject. Over the last 20 years handsome has invested tens of millions of dollars in your Fund, aimed at tackling climate change. And when the horizon lit up the star of another fighter for the environment – 16-the summer schoolgirl from Sweden Greta Thunberg, it is logical to combine them! All for a common goal for the preservation of the planet!!
Greta is known for its protests at the Parliament of Sweden, speaking at international forums, meetings with the Pope that Barack Obama and his emotional speech at the UN summit on climate.
“I shouldn’t be here, I should go back to school on the other side of the ocean, but you stole my dreams and my childhood their empty words. People suffer, people die! Whole ecosystems are destroyed, we are all on the brink of mass destruction! And you only talk about money and tales of eternal economic growth! How dare you?”, — declared his speech Greta Thunberg at the UN summit.
Greta talked about toxic air emissions and global warming, cited figures and criticized.

“To reduce emissions by half over the next 10 years gives us only a 50% chance of keeping the temperature lower than 1,5С0 and run a number of irrevocable changes. Such a risk is not acceptable for us, for those who will have to live with the consequences!”, — finished the speech Greta.
After such performances in the world, it seems no more the man who would not know about Greta Thunberg.

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