Statements “Hollywood rapist” bill Cosby will be used against him

Заявления «голливудского насильника» Билла Косби будут использованы против него

All that was said by bill Cosby in court ten years ago and will be used against him. Ten years ago, a famous comedian admitted that he gave the women drugs before intercourse, and it can be a key confirmation of his guilt.

In 2005, the meeting was closed, and the lawyer bill insisted that this information should not be public, because this may cause damage to the reputation of Cosby. And he was right. To hide the truth for a long time it did not work, and Gloria Allred, representing the aggrieved party, failed to make this information public. Now the recognition of Cosby will be proof of his guilt. Yesterday the judge of the Pennsylvania court decided to take into account prior to the recognition bill, made in 2005 and 2006.
On the question of the lawyer, did the injured Andrea Constanti resistance during the sexual act, bill said.
“I have not heard that she said something, and didn’t feel that she resisted. So I was somewhere between permission and prohibition, but I didn’t stop..” said the rapist.
For decades bill has raped or tried to rape, at least sixty women, some of the victims were minors. Acted Cosby for the same scheme – hocus victims ‘ drinks with drugs and raped the victim until she was unconscious.
If the fault of the 79-year-old bill is proved, the rest of his life he will spend in jail.