Заявление Ильи Резника вызвало скандал в шоу-бизнесе Legendary poet sharply responded about the festival of Lima Vajkule in Jurmala. Ilya Reznik recalled that Iosif Kobzon, Valeria and Oleg Gazmanov were banned from entry to Latvia two years ago. He condemned the stars who come there now.

      Заявление Ильи Резника вызвало скандал в шоу-бизнесе

      In Jurmala started the four-day festival “Rendezvous”, which was organized by Laima Vaikule in conjunction with the Latvian authorities and local entrepreneurs. On the feast came many Russian celebrities, most of whom will take part in the musical action.

      So, on a scene “Dzintari” viewers will see the regulars migrated from Jurmala in Sochi “New wave” — Christina Aguilera, Elena Vaenga, lolita, Alexander Bujnov, Maxim Galkin and many other celebrities. Special guest of the festival is the Russian pop Diva Alla Pugacheva.

      Laima Vaikule is preparing a feast for a million euros

      Knowing that in Jurmala will take place on such a Grand festival, the legendary poet Ilya Reznik was very disappointed. He recalled how recently, just two years ago, for political reasons, was denied entry to Latvia known artists Joseph Kobzon, Valerie and Oleg Gazmanov. Resnick considered a betrayal from colleagues of the performers on the stage of Jurmala.

      “This is the essence of acting — sales. Our artists mostly — unprincipled! This unscrupulousness and the desire to earn eventually leads here in this “small betrayals”. When in jūrmala two years ago hurt our great Kobzon, our artists had to pack up and leave, it would be human and in Russian! What can you do, here’s here’s our show-business! Fee — this word with a capital letter,” protested the poet.
      Заявление Ильи Резника вызвало скандал в шоу-бизнесе

      Offensive words, he provoked a scandal in show business. The main producer of the festival Laima Vaikule Elite Milgrave had to make excuses for the actions of the artists. “The stars we speak without fees: we paid them the hotel and the road, this is absolutely not the fee question. It’s just a friendship between the artists. All proceeds from the festival will go towards the costs: flights of stars and their hotels, transfer, to the technical organization of the festival,” said the Elite.

      Later, however, the words of the producer “Rendezvous” several disagreed with the speech of Sergey Mazaeva, which the statement of Ilya Reznik literally enraged. In an interview with newspaper “Life.ru” that previously gave their comments Ilya Reznik and Elite Migrate, the singer has openly stated that his fee for the festival is not deposited in the Treasury of Latvia.

      Joseph Kobzon, Valerie and Oleg Gazmanov were banned from entry to Latvia

      “Kobzon is not allowed in Jurmala, two years ago, because it was a political story, and we have something different about going there. I have no one to betray I was born, when Jurmala was a part of my country. This is a personal resentment and thwarted ambition Reznik! He was not invited as wedding General to sit with a straight back, so he whines,” – said Sergey Mazaev.

      We will remind, earlier in an interview with “StarHit” Laima Vaikule talked about the fact that Latvia is still not able to come the artists included in the “black list” countries: Valeria, Oleg Gazmanov, Iosif Kobzon. “I hope with time the situation will change,” said the scientist. – Would love to see them on stage of “Dzintari”, but it depends not from me.”

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