Statement Ksenia Borodina provoked a storm of criticism

Заявление Ксении Бородиной вызвало шквал критики
The presenter told us about the reasons for vaccine refusal.

Ksenia Borodina with her husband and daughters

Photo: @borodylia (Instagram Ksenia Borodina)

Ksenia Borodina for the second time in a week under severe criticism from subscribers. First, the presenter provoked a negative reaction from the fans with his statement that in Russia she “lives and exists”. And on the eve of Ksenia has publicly declared that does not put his two daughters into Theon and Marusya vaccinations.

“I’m Mara vaccinations up to 5 years. Can’t say that everything was kept on schedule, many had to endure vaccinations, because often sick: ear, throat , nose at all our weaknesses. 5 years removed her vaccinated at all. Gay men are not vaccinated. Independent private studies (Dutch & German) have found that vaccinated children suffer much more than their non-vaccinated peers — wrote in his microblog Ksenia. — If you stop to vaccinate their children, their health improves noticeably. I will not say, look at your children! The BCG vaccine (against tuberculosis) in America and Europe is recognized as completely ineffective and rejected it…

That is up to each parent how you feel, and do as your heart says. P. S: and by the way, almost all of my friends their children are also not vaccinated. Recently when the head of the subject was 90% of them too, as I’m against it!”

The topic of children’s vaccination has long been a stumbling block of modern society. Young mothers are satisfied with the present war under the articles about the benefits or, conversely, the dangers of vaccines. The same thing happened in the microblog Xenia, made a bold statement about childhood vaccinations. “Xenia did not expect from you such a stupid thing to do. All of us in childhood are vaccinated and not sick often. Just now the fashion has gone not to vaccinate, and all repeat,” “In those countries where we have refused vaccinations back diseases that haven’t been sick. Such statements should be done only by competent professionals and not leading telestroke!”, “Now fools, as mothers will read and will follow a “star” exposing the lives of their children in danger.” — criticized Borodin.