Stashu Malikov ridiculed for exam results

Стешу Маликову высмеяли за результаты экзаменов Detractors believe that the girl has nothing to be proud of. Stefaniya Malikova boasted the first “five”, which she received, having passed basic math. However, not all hurried to share the joy with the daughter of a famous musician.

Daughter popular in the 90-ies of the artist Dmitry Malikov Stefania graduated from high school. In these June days the only heir to the musician passed his graduation exams. And as soon as it became known first results, Stefania Malikov decided to report them to the subscribers microblog. Stesha Malikova made an unexpected confession

The girl and her family rejoice to the first successes. Stesha passed basic math, this item is not needed for admission to the University. To talk about “the five” on the subject Stefania decided posting a picture of his beautiful mother.

“Mommy! My happy. When I found out about my “five” on a math exam, she was so excited, more than I do. You should have seen it! And dad with her! After all parents are our everything. Can talk about me any shit, but my family will never allow anything bad to say,” wrote a graduate.

And I think her words many took literally. Stephanie Malikova got from detractors for a perfect score in math. The hate expressed in that key that the basic exam is very easy, and receive a “five” is not difficult.

“So glad basic exam? Yes, on the basis of all 5. What’s the big deal?”, “Basic math is very easy”, “Five” at the base, and the base was easy,” “basic mathematics 20 jobs. 17, solved correctly exhibited 5”, “Well, Yes, it’s weird. It’s just a database. I had 5, but I’m not proud,” “So it’s base… must be quite a fool to write a bad…”, “Database 5 nothing to do to pass” – decided that Stesha is nothing to rejoice, spiteful critics.

But among the subscribers of the girl’s good people still more. They supported Stephanie and wished her as well to pass the rest exams. “5 passed. How not to rejoice? The first exam after all. Sure Stesha will pass all my exams!”, “Masus who dare to talk about you shit? I’m proud of you and the family you are wonderful! The rest do not contact attention!” write loyal fans Malikova.

It is worth noting that the popularity of Stephanie Malikova in the Network is breaking all records – the beauty of almost half a million subscribers, and in recognition of 17-year-old girl ahead of her famous father. Stephanie often shares pictures, telling us about her beautiful life, so many the impression that the everyday life of the heiress of the famous family consist of dances, shopping trips to expensive resorts. But this is not so. To Stephanie it easier to determine the future profession, parents gave her the opportunity to try yourself in different areas. And they never wanted their daughter left to study abroad. Stesha Malikova will arrive in MGIMO’s faculty of international journalism. To achieve its goal, according to the girl, she works for seventeen hours a day.