Stashu Malikov hunted for dress open, and she could not resist

Стешу Маликову затравили за открытое платье, и она не сдержалась

The daughter of a popular singer expressed everything he thinks about those who subjected her to harsh criticism.

Daughter Dmitry Malikov made a splash at yesterday’s ball debutantes magazine Tatler. First, no one could take his eyes off the deep cleavage of a young 16 year old girl. And white dress brand Alberta Ferretti has become the subject of discussion for the evening!

However, if guests of the event all the more admired air way Stasi, her fans in social networks, in contrast, lashed out at the girl with the criticism.

Stesha Malikova usually stays away from all kinds of conflicts. But this time, assessment of others her not a little upset. So 12 hours later after a ball she burst into an angry post, which said the offenders all that thinks about it.

“For those who dress not like: too open, not lush, with rhinestones and feathers. Explain! Debutante, a young lady, traditionally dressed in white and dancing in the opening ceremony. I think L. N. Thick in that air, light, graceful, elegant and simple dress I wanted to show Natasha Rostova with her childlike smile and the desire to give all my love to the guests. I think in some ways we’re the same. At least, I would like that very much, because of her openness and honesty impressed me! In this dress I wanted to waltz on the parquet floor of the pillar hall of Unions. And the comments angry girls who never get asked to dance at the ball, I… the Main thing for me was to see a smile on the face of my dear people! And I did it! Thank you for supporting loved”, – she wrote in his microblog in Instagram.

By the way, there was also a second reason why the name of Stephanie Malikova not on the lips of the audience. All were talking about her Beau, who is the daughter of the famous singer presented a secular audience for the first time.

Have Stasi like whispering in the party, was very good taste. Themselves in a couple of the heiress of the singer Dmitry Malikov chose neither more nor less, and the son of billionaire Andrei Gruzdev. And I seem to have a young beauty, not self-interest. Both did not hide their tender feelings to each other. Elect Stasi never left her for a minute, constantly held by the hand and happily posed for photographers. A little later the young couple even danced the waltz with rapturous sighs of the assembled guests.

Yes, Stesha, and so its beauty is causing a lot of conversations. Now the main topic of discussion will be her relationship with the wealthy heir. Not going Stesha at such an early age to get married? And if her choice the father of Dmitry Malikov? Hang in there, Stephanie, the conversations will cease for a long time.

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