Stashu Malikov has enraged fans ‘ questions

Стешу Маликову привели в ярость вопросы фанатов The daughter of a famous singer came true for frequent photos from Cum. Stesha Malikova has assured his fans that he attends school every day, and shopping almost as often as it might seem envious, signed on her “Instagram”.

      Стешу Маликову привели в ярость вопросы фанатов

      16-year-old daughter of people’s artist Dmitry Malikov never ceases to follow the fashion trends. She always knows what is the trend this season, and that we should hide in the closet until better times.

      So young Malikov became the object of serious attacks from detractors. The girl maintains a blog on, where answers questions from fans and friends. They are mostly associated with wherever she goes, how she relates to those or other stars, what are girls views on life. Subscribers Stasi delighted with the responses girls and always expressed her sympathy. But more recently Malikov a barrage of criticism. The girl was accused that she did not attend school and would prefer the lessons and training shopping at her favorite store on Petrovka. On this assumption detractors Stasi gave her photos of Cum, which she shares with fans on his Instagram. Malikov it is trying on new clothes in front of the mirror, photographed on the background of the interior of the store, doing the make-up professional make-up artists, working in a Department store.

      Стешу Маликову привели в ярость вопросы фанатов

      “Why would you say that as if you know anything? Annoyed by the endless comments in the “Instagram”: “Oh, but what about school” “you learn” , “no, just Cum in her and see.” I am learning every day from 9 to 15.30, miss school only when I have work to do. If I post photos of Cum, it doesn’t mean that there every day. These shots were filmed in one day. Think and enough is to write it,” said Stesha envious.

      While Stesha studying in school, elite gymnasium on Rublevsky highway. She is also closely friends with many star children — with Lisa Mamiashvili, Philip Gazmanov, Denis Baysarov, Arseniy Shulgin, Pauline Matvienko. In short, leads the life of a true it-girl. To fit his image, Stesha often buys new clothes in the heart of Moscow, in the Central Department store selling all popular brands of class “luxury”.

      In the future, the daughter of Dmitry Malikov may follow in the footsteps of his famous father. The girl enjoys singing and dancing. In addition, Stesha intensively studying foreign languages, mastering advanced course politics and history. Before, she wanted to become a doctor, then he changed his mind. This was due to the fact that in medical school she had to dissect animals and to visit the morgue. The girls nerves just could not stand it, she decided to switch to other profession. Most likely, Stesha will choose a University in his native homeland, as much attached to the family will be supplied to the University abroad, she has been repeatedly recognized in her a strong attachment to the family. If she remains here, she will have all the conditions — parents gave her for the 15th anniversary two-bedroom apartment in the center of Moscow.

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