Stashu Malikov criticized for beauty tips

Стешу Маликову раскритиковали за бьюти-советы
Members did not agree with the opinion of the young blogger.

Photo: Instagram

Stephanie Malikova only 17 years old, but she is a prominent figure in Runet. Your blog in Instagram the girl started couple of years ago, and during that time it was read almost half a million people! Great result for schoolgirl.

Stefania often gives advice to his podeschi about grooming and style. Usually, fans thank her for the recommendation. But not today. The podeschi did not like the Council Malikova about the hair.

“Cut hair by the moon and eat your vitamins with zinc!” — Stesha wrote in his blog.

Indeed, there is a theory that to change her hairstyle and even just trim the ends “growing” the moon. Allegedly, the lunar calendar has a huge impact on what will look like hair after the haircut and then it will grow. On the Internet there are even entire calendars with favorable and unfavorable days for visiting the hairdresser.

Fans were very surprised that a young and progressive girl can believe in such methods.

“Trichologists have long been disproved that theory!” she wrote Stesha in the comments.

As for zinc, it is also necessary to take carefully. And only after consultation with your doctor. This is stated in one comment:

“Zinc promotes the production of the male hormone testosterone. The female sex in a small amount of testosterone are also needed, but he at the same time, displaces the female hormone estrogen. You can lose femininity and masculinity to buy!”