Стешу Маликову вновь жестко раскритиковали Now the fashionista was accused of lack of taste. Daughter Dmitry Malikov snapped and social media criticisms. Internet users do not like new girl dress, her shoes and the image as a whole.

Stephanie, daughter of the famous singer Dmitry Malikov in February was 18 years old. As soon as she finished school, she became one of the most prominent heroines of secular Chronicles. As a student at MGIMO, Stesha, affectionately called girl at home, actively engaged on Instagram, which is signed about half a million people.

Malikov is quite normal for girls her age lifestyle: shops, friends ‘ birthdays, now here in the Christmas holidays, skiing. All this you can learn just from her Instagram. But most often, Stefania photographs herself in different outfits. And almost always signs the name brands of the things she wears. For being so open to the girl often gets from subscribers who criticize the star daughter for the love of luxury.

However, this time the Internet user, in principle, did not like the clothes of Stephanie, and they accused the young fashionista in bad taste. The discontent caused the where Stesha is wearing a dress with fashionable dog print and classic pumps blue.

“Taste her, boasting brands”, “Shoes are beautiful, classic boats, but not the topic. This dress does not fit. The girl lacks a sense of style, chasing the brands and trademarks,” he started to write followers.

Malikova, it seems that such behavior of Internet trolls are not used to.

Recently, Stephanie was accused that she “dabbles in beauty shots”. New year’s eve she posted Instagram photos with her boyfriend, the son of a millionaire Vladimir Gruzdev – Leonid. And immediately received a few comments following plan: “Steshenko, you’re so young and naturally beautiful, and already dabble in beauty shots! They do not need you, only age is added. You have the its natural charm, don’t worry about him these injections and procedures.”

To publicly respond to criticism or engage followers in a controversy she did not. She just deleted not only angry comments, and praise. However, after some time on the page reappeared remarks – the new and equally critical.