Stas Yarushin sang “this”

Стас Ярушин спел «Об этом»
The actor of the series “Univer” on TNT recorded their debut album.

Стас Ярушин спел «Об этом»

Stas Yarushin

Photo: TNT

Stas Yarushin, playing the role of Anton in a Comedy series “Univer”, whose
the new season kicks off on TNT on October 10, and recorded their debut album under
the name “this”. In an interview with the actor and musician told about how
the authors of “Uni” inspired him to write
album what role in the creation of music plays his wife and what he thinks about
his creative work the artist.

Stas, how is the album? Why this name?
— Why the album is called “this”? This is an album all about what I
sing about life, about love. Actually, I do not betray much importance as
the album is called, what the cover — most importantly, inside.

— Do you use your songs in the TV series “Univer”?

One of my songs used in the series. Probably it all started,
when the authors suggested that my character sang the song “You and I”
Christine. The song was written in 74-m to year my dad, the authors of this
I remembered because I have this song for a long time already sing, and
proposed to insert it in the TV series “Univer”. Since this all started, I
I thought: “why only one song? We need your material show
people.” And decided to record an album.

— Whether colleagues of your songs? What do they say?
— Someone listens to my music, someone is listening, someone calls and says, I listened to the disc and at first did not like, and with
3 times people
starts to sing along. My album many rolled into the second and third
times, there is an interesting song and in every people find something for

— I heard your song the artist?
— I think Simon could hear the song “Thank you”, I
even in the WHC was performed. But the new song, in my opinion, no, but I’m waiting for it
soon by his live concert.

— Did you take the clips who are filmed can be colleagues at the show?
— Already released one video for the title song of the new album. There is no
played but me. We decided in the first video to state me as a singer. It
for me it was a good school, I did not take risks, invite someone from
colleagues in the “University”, but when going to shoot
still can be called. This requires some special song.

Стас Ярушин спел «Об этом»

Stas Yarushin

Photo: TNT

— What are these songs?
— Lyric songs, love songs. I think most of the songs in this
life is about love. As I sit firmly on the lyrical stuff lyrical
the songs all my love songs. They are made in various styles, there
there are fast and slow.

— Is it easy given the writing of the text?
— It depends. There’s a song, a new one, I wrote it literally in one
the day is called “Sveta is mine.” And sometimes pick a few
weeks. I primarily appreciate the melody than rely on text, I
an important melody. I’m not a poet, I’m more important

— Whose works inspired you?
— To write songs, I anyone’s creativity is not inspired. I
listening to childhood music and now I listen to different music:
The Backstreet Boys, and Krichevsky, and Gubin, and Nirvana. That is, I was reeling in
the different parties. And such a inspiration to someone
listen and write something… No, I still heartily it
really do and that’s coming from me inside I submit to the court

Your wife took part in the recording of the album?
— Alain did not participate in the recording, but it is the first
listener and major fan of my work. It’s what I brought
new songs, she said, like her or not. And she takes
active participation in the organization of my communication with fans,
communicates with all on the Internet and arrange my meetings with
fan clubs in different cities.

Anna Khilkevich, Stas Yarushin, Nastasya Samburski

Photo: TNT

— Whose praise was most important to you and important?
“The Eulogy” not a very good word for me. There are opinions of people here
views are interesting to me, and praise gives some narcissism.

— Are you planning a presentation of the album?
— I’m doing a presentation, it will be a closed event, where I sing for my friends, relatives, work colleagues.Parallel to prepare
speaker program: November 3, will perform
together with my musicians
one of the Moscow restaurants. And recording the second album, I have
ready 4 songs. I’m not going to stop working

By the way, October 10 on TNT kicks off a new season of the sitcom “Univer”. Favorite characters
long prepared to return with a huge portion of humor and transcripts
useful “lifehacks” on all occasions. Michael would become a doctor of science and
leave “Uni”. Valya on a month leave
in a secret bunker FSB. Masha in the absence of the guy just go to town
with her son and husband’s boss. Jan with Ivanovich and Jelly will open its
shop and it can be a powerful viral advertising through the fifth point.
Oh, and Kristina, Anton and was horrified to realize that
they have an addiction.