Stas Yarushin, laugh kids

Стас Ярушин насмешил детей
The actor visited children undergoing treatment of diseases of the endocrine system.

Стас Ярушин насмешил детей

Stas Yarushin, laugh kids

No tight shooting schedule in the new season of “Univer” on TNT, no
writing new songs and recording a music album, no passion for ice hockey not
prevented the actor Stanislav Arosio to visit the kids undergoing treatment
diseases of the endocrine system.

The first of June children’s Day Stas Yarushin with
actor Andrew Giulana and residents of Comedy Club and Zurab Matua Andrey
Averin came to visit young patients Endocrinology research center
and the Morozov children’s city clinical hospital. “Eternal student” and his
colleagues gave the boys a small celebration: the artists gave the children gifts,
signed autographs, shared the secrets of backstage life television, amuse
and laughed together with the guys and also took photos with their young fans.
All pictures were instantly printed out so that each child has left
pleasant memories of this meeting.

“Scientists have found that laughter prolongs
life. And since we are men of humor, were very happy to give it to those in
needs, says Yarushin. — I want
to congratulate children around the world with the first of June and wish them
health and peaceful sky above a head”.