Stas Sadalsky told about the deception of the First channel

Стас Садальский рассказал об обмане Первого канала
Tatiana Vasilyev “framed” on the set of “Who wants to be a millionaire”.

Stas Sadalsky and Tatiana Vasilyeva

Photo: @stassadal Instagram Stas Sadalsky

Stas Sadalsky made a loud statement about “foul play” of the First channel. According to the actor, his close friend actress Tatyana Vasilevu persuaded to star in the program “Who wants to be a millionaire.” The actress was allegedly promised a big win in the case of consent. The result Vasilyeva claimed from the Studio 100 thousand rubles, but “the catch” was not in it. It turned out that at the exit of the pavilion were waiting for her former daughter Anastasia Begunova in the company of reporters.

“Yesterday, on the First channel has occurred wiring. Happened to Tanya Vasilyeva on “I Want to be a millionaire”. Begged to come, will ask easy questions and you will definitely win… was Persuaded to go to one (though there is one not removed). He came, he wins 100,000, and there was a payback. At the exit of the pavilion waited for the camera with his ex-daughter-in-law Nastya Begunova. That’s really one finest hour, sorry, that does not speak through anyone in Moscow who gave her first apartment, who gave birth to the last child as the former asked her husband to adopt another child. And the fool agreed…” — said Sadalsky.

We will remind that Tatyana Vasilyeva and Anastasia Begunova quarreled over the fact that the young actress, according to Vasilyeva, “borrowed” from her a large sum of money, and then fled with two children to Germany. A long time folk artist tried to make contact with a runaway daughter-in-law, but the communication from the former family was not normal. By the way, the son Vasilyeva — Philippe last year married for the second time and now is busy raising her little daughter. New daughter-in-law Tatiana Grigorievna — actress Maria Bolonkina boasts exemplary relations with the mother-in-law.