Стас Садальский возмущен скандалом с участием Бориса Корчевникова The actor does not believe the rumors about the television star. In the Network appeared information about the fact that Boris korchevnikov, the General Director of Orthodox TV channel “Spas”, allegedly, beat the employee of video archives Basil dobrodeeva.

Boris Korchevnikov became the hero of the controversial and confusing history. On Saturday morning, the Network appeared information about the fact that one of the most sought-after presenters in the country, which since last may is the CEO and producer of Orthodox TV channel “Spas”, allegedly beat the employee.

Information Internet TV broadcast that, as they became known, from the hands of Boris Korchevnikov affected library editor Vasily Dobrodeyev. The reports are not provided specific reasons for the conflict, but said that the Director General called a meeting, called dobrodeeva and allegedly as soon as he appeared at the door of the room, began to insult him. Basil wanted to leave the place of scandal, but korchevnikov not let him go and pounced on him with his fists, the report said. According to rumors, after this Dobrodeyev two days did not appear in the workplace, and the day took a beating in the city polyclinic No. 62 (branch 4). However, a statement to the police the victim to file did not. Law enforcement officers learned about the incident from the emergency room.

After reading the news, Stas Sadalsky could not remain indifferent and expressed his point of view on this issue. Actor and showman not only believes that a similar incident could happen, but I suspect that the “duck” started up specifically to raise the rating of the channel.

“In the news – Director General of Russian TV channel “Spas” Boris Korchevnikov accused of beating one of the employees. And I as an Orthodox man in amazement watching that Orthodoxy happens. After it began to approve and support the government, after the election of Patriarch Kirill… Hypocrisy, hypocrisy. And on the other side… Who would believe that subtle korchevnikov “beat” his subordinate? Again advertising channel?”- posted by Stas Sadalsky.

Later, the Network appeared more information: a document similar to the report of Lieutenant in the police Department, which referred to a telephone conversation with the “victims.” It States the reason Dobrodeyev has not submitted a statement.

“From writing the application Dobrodeev, V. M., refused, citing the fact that he needs to talk with a lawyer”, the document says. In addition, some media quoted the chief editor of the TV channel Andrei Bagrov, who said that the information about the conflict got physical, just “duck”.

“Of course, this news is not the best reason to cheer up a gloomy winter Saturday afternoon. Nothing but laughter, it can not cause, and laugh now, all staff of the channel, and I think all those who are in any know Boris,” — said Bagrov. And he added that in January, channel steel watch in two times more viewers than in previous months.

According to the materials telegram-channel “112”, Mash and Ria.ru.