Стас Садальский оскорблен поведением Ангелины Вовк The actor is deeply offended by the famous broadcaster. Stas Sadalsky was disappointed with how angelina Vovk answered questions in the popular “Who wants to be a millionaire”. Artist emotionally spoke about it in the microblog.
Стас Садальский оскорблен поведением Ангелины Вовк
Стас Садальский оскорблен поведением Ангелины Вовк

Artist and popular blogger Stas Sadalsky seriously offended the well-known TV presenter angelina Vovk. Sadalsky was very touched that a celebrity are unable to answer the simplest, in his opinion, the question on the program “Who wants to be a millionaire.” The next task, which was voiced by angelina Vovk moderator of the popular program Dmitry Dibrova was the film “About the poor hussar say a word”. In the picture, as you know, Sadalsky played a major role.

The actor spoke out about the fact that angelina Vovk doubted his vocal abilities.

“My friend has started a dementia – written by Stas Sadalsky in the blog. – Now in “Who wants to be a millionaire” she asked the question – who of the actors of the film “On the poor hussar say a word” sings. And choice four: Gaft, Sadalsky, Mazurkiewicz, Leonov. Wolf: “Yes, everything is not singing… Sadalsky not exactly singing, never heard it sang”. And bleated: “Wallet, purse – how can he sing?” Dibrov really tells us: “If you are not sure, maybe ask the audience?” Wolf took the help of the audience, 60% said Leonov. She eyes vylepil: “Leonov sings? I don’t know… You tell the truth? Here Stanislav not singing!” In short, a complete disgrace, Dibrov, abnormal looking…”

Fans of Stas Sadalsky hastened to calm the raging artist. They assured him that remembers how he played in this film, cornet Alexei Pletnev.

“You sang: “In the heart languid concern…”, the composer Andrei Petrov – the great genius”, “Yes, you are our gold! I told Stas up there singing!”, “Angelina had long been forgotten! Well, do not worry, it is an old man, confused, But I immediately said it was Leonov! But, you don’t scold the ladies, they are from stress”, “Maybe the wolf just got excited. Not like a fool to look nervous. The opposite happened. No offense” – such comments left under the post of Stas Sadalsky his loyal fans.

It is worth noting that the actor shares his opinion with followers of the social network. And usually, this is a very sharp and provocative statements. The man isn’t afraid to hurt other people’s feelings, and so often criticize celebrities. Stanislav Sadalsky refused Dmitry Shepelev