Stas Sadalsky has revealed the ins and outs of the scandal with Malakhov

Стас Садальский раскрыл подноготную скандала с Малаховым
The actor announced the names of those who betrayed the popular TV presenter.

Andrey Malakhov


Yesterday in the Studio program “Let them talk” started shooting for the new season with a new host, which was Dmitry Borisov. To his appearance in the Studio of the talk show the world of show business reacted differently.

Stanislav Sadalsky, for example, learning about the start of filming, said he believes all who came to the Studio the guests of traitors. According to him, no self-respecting artist after the controversial dismissal of Andrey Malakhov will not accept the invitation to star in “Let them talk”.

“All the important people refused, speakers do not count… I am Sure that Posner, Dorenko, Ivan Urgant, Pugacheva will not! Pop torn and shelupon a second-rate resort definitely take a picture to pollcat on TV! So betray friends! see Monday at 19.50 traitors… Warn that if that happens, come to pass, and you will do the same as with Andrew! Can not doubt,” he threatened his colleagues Sadalsky.

By the way, according to personnel from the shoot hit the net thanks to social media, in the Studio with Dmitry Borisov was seen: Ekaterina Andreeva, Maria Pogrebnyak, Vlad Lisovets, Dmitry Shepelev and Arina Sharapova.