Stas Sadalsky has introduced a new version of the murder Zavyalova

Стас Садальский представил новую версию по делу об убийстве Завьяловой The actor posted on his social network page a message in which neighbor the famous artist claims that the son of the star was not involved in the death of his mother. She noted that there is no evidence. According to her, a native daughter of a celebrity could be directly related to the incident.

      Стас Садальский представил новую версию по делу об убийстве Завьяловой

      A year ago, Stanislav Sadalsky announced the death of the stars of the movie “Shadows disappear at noon” Alexandra Zavyalova. This news was a real shock for many of its fans, despite the fact that a woman almost twenty years did not appear on the screen. As it became known, she was killed in her own apartment. According to numerous media reports, the crime was involved in its successor of Peter. Neighbours actress said that the son Zavyalova often abused alcohol and engaged in physical abuse.

      Close Alexandra Zavyalova told the truth about who killed her son

      Based on the fact that in recent years the woman shared a flat with Peter, the investigators had no doubt that he killed 80-year-old artist. After the tragedy, Peter immediately contacted the sister of Tatiana and told her about the offense. However, a year later the neighbor Zavyalova said that the heir to the celebrity not guilty of anything, he just took responsibility for the murder.

      “I know the whole family Zavyalova since childhood. I lived with Alexandra Semyonovna in the same house. And everything described in the media is the flip side. Just the same, her son Peter, who is accused of killing his mother, took care of her for 30 years. Fed, prepared, the past 15 years bathed her, painted her hair and controlled her mental health, which, unfortunately, was in a sad state, took her to the injections, treatments and examinations in a psychiatric hospital named after I. I. Stepan Skvortsov,” said a familiar Zavyalova.

      The woman confirms the words of neighbors that Zavyalov has never been configured friendly to strangers, she tried not to attract attention. Often the artist was able to pounce on the residents or engage them in a verbal argument with no apparent reason. “From childhood I was told that if you go one home and on the porch you can see Sascha, go around the house from another entrance. She could push off the ladder, just push, kick the door, pinch the leg of the input metal door, just in anger to shout,” recalls the neighbor star.

      The daughter of a murdered actress Zavyalova stood up for brother

      In the report, which is posted in the microblog Sadalsky also said that Peter was a kind and sympathetic person. Despite the fact that the man had consumed alcohol, he never gave up on mom and did not apply to her apartment. By the way, the woman is convinced that her daughter Tatiana Zavyalova has done virtually nothing to help the relative. And her brother always fondly spoke of mother affectionately calling “mommy”.

      “Tatiana came to his mother to visit at best twice a year. And grandchildren Alexandra Semyonovna does not come at all. And Tatiana came to the mother with a small bag, she received a mother’s pension, and other benefits. Peter’s main work had not, but he always had a part time job, he and my father worked on construction sites, at trade shows, setting the stand,” – said a neighbor of the family of the actress.

      In a statement published Sadalsky, it is argued that the investigation should make a thorough investigation, after all, against him there’s no physical evidence, and witnesses do not confirm the information. In turn, Tatiana, said the neighbor, had a biased attitude towards the situation. As soon as her brother was jailed, she immediately let into the apartment for new tenants. “In the case of the death of Alexandra Zavyalova there are a lot of questions. Prints on the knife. Witnesses during the inspection were not, bypass the occupants of no, from the next house similarly, respondents were not, and at home we are 50 metres from each other”, – noted in the message.

      By the way, recently the actress did not want to even communicate with the media. Some have argued that Zavyalova strongly disliked when she wanted to take a picture or get an autograph. Recall that the woman took place just two days before his eightieth anniversary, which was Dolna to note 3 Feb.