Стас Садальский объявил Александру Овечкину бойкот Fans condemned hockey because he missed the Olympics. Despite the fact that the Russian team in the final of the hockey tournament in Pyeongchang won the victory, the fans expressed dissatisfaction. They lashed out with criticism of Alexander Ovechkin, because he did not come to Korea.

25 Feb 2018 now a memorable date in the history of sports of Russia. Today hockey team for the first time in 26 years, won Olympic gold at the Games in Pyeongchang. 4:3, the Russian athletes defeated the Germans, the goals scored by Vyacheslav Voynov, Nikita Gusev, and the author of a victorious goal was the 20-year-old CSKA Moscow player Kirill Whims. The game was watched by millions of fans and within seconds after the match on social networks there were hundreds of posts of congratulations – the people rejoiced. Their joy was expressed by the famous people players congratulated the singers, actors, artists and athletes.

The national team of Russia on hockey for the first time in 26 years won at the Olympics

However, it was not without a spoon of tar. Stas Sadalsky slammed to Alexander Ovechkin because he came to play for the national team, although promised. Actor and popular blogger called hockey “a visiting barnstormer”.

“They said Russia is my country, anyway I will be in Korea and didn’t come.A perfect occasion to reflect… But I’m glad that the NHL-sheep are not played in this competition. At least our guys really are there, even under all the camouflage, it is Russia: the Russian who live in Russia, and not some touring artists. And now you guys are Golden…” – posted by Stas Sadalsky.

The fans were generous and filled Instagram criticisms, words of censure and outright insults not only Ovechkin, but also other leading Russian players in hockey that did not play for the team. Evgeny Malkin and Alexander Radulov also DataLog from Internet users. They do not participate in the Olympic games, because they are active players of the American hockey League. The NHL has put a ban for their players to play in Korea, threatening multimillion-dollar fines. Fans have concluded that athletes have “sold their country” and declared a boycott.

“It is correct that the Olympics did not go right! Why do you have Olympic gold! Dollars better! Congratulations to our players the well-deserved win! And without the NHL, played beautiful hockey show! Our Heroes!”; “Malkin and Ovechkin, that there is no shame or conscience you”; “Alexander, I congratulate us gold! And you, thank you, that did not go. Kiss the Stanley Cup, maybe the money won will stick to the teeth. Good luck in sports,” commented fans.

Alexander Ovechkin defended the honor of the Russian national team for 17 years, becoming in his time the youngest player of the national team. He participated in twelve world cups and three Olympic games. Some fans believe that the athlete really very sorry that I could not speak in Korea and becoming an Olympic champion. And Alexander himself just congratulated the team on the victory. “Men! Was sick worried! handsome! Brought victory to the country, gold! Well done!” – so he signed a photo of the team with gold medals of the Olympics.