Стас Садальский смутил Аллу Довлатову «голым» фото The actor posted a picture of a woman in the Nude, thereby leading congratulating happy birthday. Stanislav Sadalsky praised the talent of colleagues in the play “wild story” and wished her good luck in business.

      Стас Садальский смутил Аллу Довлатову «голым» фото

      Actress Alla Dovlatov today celebrates its 42 anniversary. Colleagues of the actress to congratulate her with her birthday and make your birthday girl words on the pages in social networks. Star thanks friends for your kind words. Actress and presenter of “Russian radio” met the morning of his birthday with the children.

      “How nice usually begin birthdays! Early awakening and morning greetings from family is very touching! Thank you very much, my dear and beloved! Be healthy! For me the most important thing!”, – said of Dovlatov, uploading a picture with daughter and son on their page.

      However, some wishes from friends was so blatant that Allah decided not to repost them in your microblog. Her colleague Stanislav Sadalsky, known for scandalous videos, very original congratulated the woman with a birthday. He put the frame with Dovlatova Topless, taken during one of the shoots artist for the popular magazine.

      The body of the actress only lightly covered with outfit made of transparent organza. Alla playfully looking at the camera, covering part of his face with a hand. In the caption to the picture Sadalsky left a touching congratulation colleague, who played with him in the play “wild story”, which show in the “teatrium na serpukhovke”.

      “A successful actress, smart, energetic, funny, catchy, very beautiful, just gorgeous, Yes, and rocket, all time: films, plays, talk shows, radio, and now she is the host of the concert. What to wish on the birthday, do not even think of probably success in business, health, my favorite actress, what you do in the “Wild history” – the top acting!”, – said Stanislav.

      According to fans, Alla Dovlatova absolutely does not look his age. This summer, the woman surprised fans sexy pictures in swimsuit. They noted that the star looks very slim. 41-year-old Alla Dovlatov shows body in bikini

      In one of the posts in the microblog presenter told how she manages not to gain weight. According to her, she sometimes limit itself in meal.

      “I arrange a fasting days on unsalted rice with grated Apple. Complained about yesterday to her daughter that very hungry and she asks me: “Mom, why are you torturing yourself?” And I answered her: “dashulya, you know, showing all the models are so thin! Next to them I’ll be shy – just look at the background twice”. And she said to me: “That’s bullshit! Yes, they are all girls, im twenty years old, who you will be with them to compare?”. And the truth, and I like it even in a head did not come. And once it became easy and calm the soul” – shared the star of the movie with fans.

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