Стас Садальский объявил о беременности Татьяны Васильевой
The actor said that his girlfriend agreed to become a surrogate mother.

Stanislav Sadalsky and Tatiana Vasilyeva

Photo: @stassadal Instagram Stanislav Sadalsky

After 78-year-old Emmanuel Vitorgan decided to become a father in show business came into Vogue “late parenthood”. Many stars (some of which are already raising grandchildren) say that, too, began to reflect on the replenishment of the family. Today in social networks on the subject called Stanislav Sadalsky. The actor made a surprise for fans of the statement that is also prepared to father a child.

The actor said that his kid agreed to bear… Tatiana Vasilieva, which his good friend. “Keep up with show business, after Veteranami, Halkidiki and other… got the egg of the beloved actress of the Vakhtangov theatre, fertilized in a canadian clinic, the surrogate mother has agreed to be my partner Tatiana. It’s been three weeks, the pregnancy — stated the doctors of the Russian Federation, is developing satisfactorily. In the miraculous times we live in, surrogate motherhood, surrogate families, surrogate life. Life is a great thing, not cool!” — Sadalsky wrote. Along with this he published a photo taken at the clinic in Canada where posing next to Tatyana Grigoryevna.

Stanislav has disabled the ability to comment on this intriguing entry in his microblog. Fans, of course, decided that the actor was joking, but many doubt creeps in: and suddenly, he wrote the truth? However, if we remember that of the U.S. this year was 71 years, it becomes clear that Stanislav is likely played by Network users.