Стас Пьеха: «Я полностью содержу жену с сыном!» Released on the eve of the interview, the singer made a lot of noise in the Network. Stas was accused that he selfishly left his wife and two year old son. The singer decided to respond to negative comments in his address and explained once again why I left the couple.

      Стас Пьеха: «Я полностью содержу жену с сыном!»

      On the eve fans Stas Piekha was surprised by the news that the famous singer broke up with his wife, model Natalia Gorchakova. As a performer admitted in an interview with one of the editions, he needs a little more time to Mature to be truly ready for a relationship. Stas told me that sometimes he even offered his wife to live separately or to leave for a while because he had to work. The couple has a son Peter, who lives with his mother in St. Petersburg. Stas Peha left his wife

      Many netizens lashed out at Peha criticism, claiming that he left his wife and child. Stas, who has a good exposure and usually does not respond to negative comments in his address, could not stay away. In his microblog singer wrote a post in which he apologized for the breakup with Natalia, and gave reasons why their Union was destined to crumble. By the way, it is unknown whether the couple divorced.

      “Made a scapegoat! Long time did not respond, but broke countless direct insults. Direct overkill. Was love that led to son, we communicate daily, I fully support the wife with her son and grandmother (and many other family members). Yes, the relationship quickly exhausted itself, but friendship, gratitude and love for her son in the progression. Stop, fiends, why to sweep the wrong side of the street, do their own sidewalks. Sorry for the post, touched!”, – expressed Peha in his defense.

      Many subscribers of Instagram Stas were sympathetic to his reactions. “Do not waste energy on empty”, “Release the situation, you will feel better, it’s your choice, and the other is not concerned”, “It’s inhuman black envy to your human, personal qualities, and by his own impotence-wishers poured mud at you,” said the followers of the star.

      Stas Peha has admitted that it is difficult to live in the two cities. He works in Moscow, and his family lives in St. Petersburg. Every encounter with the son of the singer brings unspeakable joy. In March, the happy father congratulated the son second birthday in verse. I think… No… Not far… by Windows March, he is Mature and fresh, and Peter small … Easily passed a two-year your turn!”, – posted by Peha.

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