Stas Pieha first showed his father

Стас Пьеха впервые показал своего отца
The singer shared his impressions from a rare meeting with mother father.

Stas Pieha and his father — Petras Gerulis

Photo: @wolfieha Instagram Stas Piekha

In the microblog Stas Pyekha a portrait of his own father Petras Gerulis. The actor first posted a photo with his father. The picture was taken after one of the recent concerts of the singer, where suddenly for Stas came Gerulis. Meeting with him was for Peha great importance. Seeing his dad, he immersed himself in memories of their first meeting…

That his father lives in Vilnius Peha learned in 1994. “And it was decided to send me to him to stay… the Weather was warm and Sunny, and I happily went on a journey by train in the morning I go out… Look Professor, in costume, with a beard and glasses… and simply did Not immediately recognize, in the photo he was younger and slimmer, came to the platform – communicated… I say:

– Got a cigarette? Not smoke from the Peter…
– Come on son, in the Park smoke… All my life I dreamed with my son to smoke and about the life to talk…
That’s how we met…” said 36-year-old Stas.

The meeting has already passed 23 years. Collins admitted that the arrival of the Pope at the concert was a pleasant surprise. In the first place because he praised the work of the heir. Because Gerulis and a musician himself, his opinion has to Stas of great importance. “Today he came to my concert, listened attentively, and could not hide his joy… Gave my original disc… (in Lithuanian) and one asked anyone to listen not to give, so Sorry! P. S. so Many years have passed, and the Professor himself does not change, suit, beard and glasses… the Creative intelligentsia of Europe!” — shared Stas.

Some time ago the singer admitted in an interview that, despite what happened to his life, he keeps on father’s resentment. They regularly call each other on holidays. And more recently, Stas financially helps Petras, who has long retired.