Stas Peha is suffering from lack of money

Стас Пьеха страдает от безденежья Singer saves on food. According to the artist, all the money that he earns for speeches, go to the business. In a short time, EHA is planning to open a clinic, where experts will help people deal with addictions.

The last few months Stas Peha actively touring with concerts in Russian cities. All the royalties that the artist earns for speeches, he could not spend for their needs. As the star admits he has to deprive himself of the joys of life. Stas doesn’t eat in fancy restaurants and also saves on clothes. According to celebrity, the funds will be used to open the center of addicted people.

“I have all the money eats up my business clinic. Now engaged in medical activities, in addition to creative, it’s easy to psychiatry, and will help people to heal from addictions. The opening will be this summer,” said Peha.

Many years ago the artist was trying to get rid of the addiction. As previously admitted Peha, in the 90 years he abused with psychotropic drugs. Stas took place long course of treatment, which literally brought him back to life. After a survey of the professionals, he managed to cope with the addiction.

For medical business artist even restricts spending on things, and sometimes does not afford proper nutrition. However, Piech did not care that it is rapidly relieves the weight from malnutrition. According to him, the meager diet helps prepare the body for summer.

“Now, if before, when I came into the store, I picked up everything, and then this 50% just didn’t wear, now I only take what I will certainly wear, and also things of Prime necessity. I stopped to go shopping – and before that, it’s not liked, now twice. I now have a gorgeous diet – buckwheat, chicken Breasts and honey. It is so cheap and natural, almost 7 pounds went back in the winter, and I remained at his bones and muscles,” said Stas.

As said by the correspondent of “Companion”, he felt much better when I started to help other people in distress. Medical center Peha is already equipped with the necessary procedures. In addition, for patients who need individual care, will open the VIP-chambers. People will operate highly qualified doctors, which will combine several methods in treatment.