Стас Пьеха: «Взял ипотеку на дом для сына» The singer told about what is happening in his personal life. Stas Piekha along with three-year-old Peter took part in a photo shoot for the “StarHit” and shared as experiencing separation from a child.
Стас Пьеха: «Взял ипотеку на дом для сына»

Holiday survey we conducted in the Studio in St. Petersburg, where the last six months living the ex-spouse Piekha Natalia with their son Peter. Sam Stas is in the Northern capital arrivals – on the eve gave a big solo concert in the concert hall “October”. Company artist and the child in a photo shoot made an adorable dogs of breed husky. According to astrologers, a four-legged pet can become true talismans in the coming year of the Dog. Little Petya has literally squeeze puppies. And Stas shared with “StarHit” why Edita didn’t want to see grandson and what was happening in his personal life.

Role model

It’s the year of the Dog. Stas, how do you feel about these animals?
Стас Пьеха: «Взял ипотеку на дом для сына»Well. They bring in people qualities such as friendship, love, loyalty. I think it will be a good year! Thanks for the idea of shooting: Peter came to the delight of the husky, and the big dog so tortured by the attention, that he even barked at him. My favorite breed is the French bulldog. I started in childhood. However, I’ve been a bad boy and abused dog. If you ever drop the anchor and settle down, be sure to buy bulldog. —
Peter puppy is not yet asked?
Стас Пьеха: «Взял ипотеку на дом для сына»No. It is still small, and the dog needs care. And my son’s toys enough. Pet is a big responsibility. —
Usually spoil the child?
Стас Пьеха: «Взял ипотеку на дом для сына»I contain it. And of the things I try to buy something relevant – shoes, clothes. Because Peter is constantly growing and changing sizes. In General, for my son and me, the main gift is the attention, because we rarely see each other. —
You can call yourself a Sunday dad?
Стас Пьеха: «Взял ипотеку на дом для сына»No, I have different days of the week happen. Of course, I want to be an example for him and to meet more often. Now it is one of the main tasks.
Стас Пьеха: «Взял ипотеку на дом для сына»
Why Natalie took the baby and moved to Saint-Petersburg?
Стас Пьеха: «Взял ипотеку на дом для сына»She made this decision for several reasons. There are good kindergarten. Plus living in St. Petersburg, Natasha’s mother, Irina, who is Peter. I hope that in the near future they will move back to Moscow. The more there is and apartment and country house. —
Wow, rich groom?
Стас Пьеха: «Взял ипотеку на дом для сына»I wanted my son to have a house in the country. Took a mortgage and bought land with a house in a nice village in the suburbs. At the moment there is an internal trim. Now the earnings are not as large as a few years ago, so you have to take it slowly and intelligently to save.—
What does Natalia?
Стас Пьеха: «Взял ипотеку на дом для сына»I can not say exactly. She’s a blogger, is promoting some sort of tourism resource. By the way, Natalia came up with the famous hashtag “skazochnaia”, and then became famous all over the Internet. Her picture was everywhere, even in news shows. I’m one of friends also sent: “Look, what a dude!” To which I replied: actually, it’s the mother of my child. —
To whom is Peter most like?
Стас Пьеха: «Взял ипотеку на дом для сына»And me and Natasha – 50 to 50. But by nature I don’t know. I think I was his age, was calmer. Could seven hours of sitting on the floor, to build an army of toys and come up with a strategy. Worked six regiments – pigs, dinosaurs, soldiers… And the son is constantly something breaks down. His irrepressible energy. And who did he go? Although I don’t know what the boys were old Natasha. Yes, and with his father almost did not communicate.—
By the way, about dad. No desire to see him more often?
Стас Пьеха: «Взял ипотеку на дом для сына»The point is that if a person initially have little contact, then the relationship is lost. He moved to Vilnius when I was a year old, and already 37 years old. But I will not hide: monthly help him financially. My father has a difficult situation with health. He is closer to seventy, crept different ailments. But it continues to be creative, partly as a medicine. He is a singer, theater Director and composer. Not so long ago created the band and sings Catholic songs, even the CD was released. The Pope spiritual direction, and it pleases me, because without God it is hard. Especially if the person is lonely. —
And he believe in a higher power?
Стас Пьеха: «Взял ипотеку на дом для сына»Yes. I have a clear concept. I believe that God is everything that surrounds us. But I’m not religious. —
Your famous grandmother, Edita, saw grandson?
Стас Пьеха: «Взял ипотеку на дом для сына»Several times. The first date was spontaneous. Plucked her from the roost without any explanation. Just called and said that it is very necessary. She resisted, not wanted: “How is it? I have already lived a life, and you are me somewhere in a hurry!” Threatened that he would be offended if I don’t go. On the way, explained that we are rushing to the hospital, where she saw Peter’s freshly baked in the truest sense of the word. Was touched, and then began to call friends and tell them that her grandson was born.
Стас Пьеха: «Взял ипотеку на дом для сына»


At the end of this week many will celebrate Old New year. You too?
Стас Пьеха: «Взял ипотеку на дом для сына»No. Spend it already on holiday in Thailand. Especially holidays and feast some time now, I’m not interested. I do not drink for three years. —
Why made this decision?
Стас Пьеха: «Взял ипотеку на дом для сына»A lot of different situations happened. Understand that it is not capable of anything to drink is fine, because I can’t stop. However, in my case the main problem was not in alcohol. In 90-e years it was fashionable to make different substances in the clubs, we got stung on this one. I was damaging not only to themselves but also to loved ones. But I’m not ashamed of the past. In medical terms, I gradually came to absolute purity and gained experience, which now share with others. I have my own narcological clinic in Moscow. —
How many people treated in your hospital?
Стас Пьеха: «Взял ипотеку на дом для сына»At the moment 35. Them doctors work. And I go to other rehabilitation centers and communicate with patients, tell how he got out without drugs and entertainment from a state of deep depression. Sometimes I think: what if this is my fate? Indeed, while popular and recognizable, there is an opportunity to be heard.—
You once said that you are in a state of crisis, as I realized that your music does not need the audience…
Стас Пьеха: «Взял ипотеку на дом для сына»Was not referring to the pop songs that listeners love, and creativity, interesting to me personally. And the crisis I never left. This is normal for a person who is trying to bring something new and not just go on about the commercial component. I have the tour – I give 10-12 gigs each month, the accumulated public and certain services. For example, in 2015 among the three most rotated male performers. In 2017, however, was not a trend. The song “Leaves calendar” was somewhere between the formats on the radio it never took. But I was not discouraged. —
The year has just arrived. Why the hell did you wish for?
Стас Пьеха: «Взял ипотеку на дом для сына»Perhaps, patience, to be able to take the blows of fate and to cope with problems. Just not always it turns out. In General, people often lack something, and including me. But then you come back to reality, look around and realize that I am a happy person. I have a son, a favorite work, all the relatives are alive. However, in my personal life, nothing happens, but creativity is more important.

Special thanks to Studio Art Hall SPb for assistance in conducting the survey.