Стас Пьеха опроверг слухи о ссоре в семье The singer was visiting a sick grandmother. Stas Peha has published a touching photo with Edita Stanislavovna, who recently was in the hospital. Thus, the artist has shown how 80-year-old pop star, and has denied rumors about the altercation in the family.
Стас Пьеха опроверг слухи о ссоре в семье

In early April, the media reported that 80-year-old star of the national stage Edita urgently admitted to hospital and lies in the cardiology Department of the St. Petersburg clinic. Although relatives and official representatives of the actress did not hurry to give any comments, journalists found out that Edita was in the hospital with a diagnosis of “acute bronchitis”.

Peha told about his health to the press.

“I feel poorly, cough badly. Can not recover, and the hospital does not have necessary medicines. Go to the pharmacy no one. Every day someone calls, asks, whether alive, not dead? And I say: “can’t wait”. Although the disease is very difficult,” said Peha.

Said artist was easy to conclude – the relatives threw Peha, she is alone and no one to help her. Soon, however, she Edita hastened to explain that she was misunderstood and that in the day when she gave the same review, her family was busy. So she asked the correspondents, who visited her, to buy her the necessary medicines, and they in turn, as the singer made such a wrong conclusion.

Already in the 20 days of April, Edita returned home from the hospital. The singer hopes that soon she will be able to speak. “I’m home. Mad cough, temperature is normal. Now I’m fine. Still try to please all who care about my work. Thank you so much for that worry!” – said legendary Soviet singer told reporters.

Edita told about the condition after hospitalization

In confirmation of her words, the grandson of the artist published a photo with grandma. In addition, this photo Stas showed that the care of a close relative and regularly visits. EHA Junior instead of a signature conveyed the dialogue with Edita Stanislavovna, which implies that the singer, despite his age and health problems, wants as soon as possible to go on stage.

“We then, in’ 57 (the year) won the festival and become official artists of “energy” with a Salary of 11 rubles! – Kobzon… He what? – He appeared on the New year… five Years after… This is completely different the times were… – So what are you, the infinite I? Yes… I’m 62 years on stage! This is an absolute record for today in our country! PS – June 2 work? – Where to go?… I”, – I wrote to Stas Peha.

Fans wished people’s artist of the USSR health and noted that Edita looks great.