Стас Пьеха откровенно поведал об одиночестве On the eve of his 36 anniversary of the artist decided that it is time to sum up the life path. In this regard, Stas wrote a poem in which she talked about all his experiences and most memorable moments. According to fans Peha, it is very honest and Frank.

      On 13 August a former participant of the project “Factory of stars” and the grandson of people’s artist Edita celebrates its birthday. The singer turns 36 years old. The day before some important event Stas published in “Instagram” soulful poems, which recalled the important stages of his life. There was a lot of all — brass knuckles, and the periodic reading of Freud, piano lessons, internships, gatherings with friends, trips to Russia and depression. Judging by the creativity of the artist, at the age of 32 he was lonely and a lot sad.


      I was locked up, the timer built in.
      In those Soviet times,
      Where there is a Magi with the characters,
      And one was born punks..
      And is it contagious.
      And do not heal even with poppies,
      And in the final all different,
      Just ticking the same way.
      10 — the first knuckles.. Specific.
      T-shirt “Broom” and God bless her..
      5 — in the head boiler…
      Mendeleev and Freud with Carl Cox
      20 — all in the past… it would Seem!
      With the guys on “the Tretyakov gallery”,
      Piano, vocals… and “Baltika”,
      Scissorhands, internship…
      25 — country bus
      30 — ibid…a big sedan
      Hands tighter, shorter hair,
      Fingers trembling… mind the water.
      32 and the square of Malevich,
      Harms, Dali,***, GG alien…
      And nobody is gonna fix him
      And you could look after something wrong again,
      And it is bottomless,
      And it is cold…
      And born the dragons
      Even the showers deep….
      33 and I continued…
      A new timer for him. It’s complicated.
      And my wires under the skin,
      And bits and pieces of all that lived.
      And is it, short,
      And so quickly over the edge of the rolled away…
      It’s summer… And Time. Tube,
      36 — night, Friday?
      (S. Collins)

      Fans of the Stas noted that he has a real talent of the poet. “Honest poetry”, “Wade”, “test creativity, I re-read”, “Your poem, as always, very talented. Shortly about the main thing. Flipped through my past life. Though there will only clear days, the song Gazmanov” — shared his opinion. Others have noticed that is not the case to be sad on the holiday. “What’s “depressing” poems in a day?”, — asked one of podeschi artist.

      Of course, the followers Peha did not miss the opportunity to congratulate the performer. “Dear Stas! That’s the time to throw you a congratulations. 13 is a magic number. My belief is that in this day are born very talented poets, singers, actors, Directors and people of science”, “Stas, you’re a big umnichka! I wish you success and find the one, which will be warm and cozy”, “Wonderful, talented Stas. Beautiful, harmonious, melodious poet, musician and artist. Success, love and magic to you! Of harmony, rhythm and a good guardian angel,” — wrote the singer’s fans in the comments.

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