Stas Peha careful in dealing with people

Стас Пьеха осторожен в общении с людьми
Today, 13 August, birthday Stas Peha, he was 37 years old.

Стас Пьеха осторожен в общении с людьми

Stas alone now, but he had a son Peter. Star numerologist Clara Kuzenbaeva decided to explore the life code of the singer to make a prediction on his future.

“The problem of Stas is that he has a bad temper, thinks Kuzenbaeva. – Lacking in energy, depressed and tired quickly. During the day several times changing mood and others not so easy to put up. Besides, he likes to complain, although in itself a lucky guy and everything is easy for him – not to say that in order to achieve the objectives of EHA is working up a sweat…

As a family man Peha no. He has not expressed the line of the family. Plus he’s a private man, it would be hard to admit to someone, to share with another person home, says numerologist. – His ideal girl has energy, she would have become his donor and helped get rid of depression. Your love singer will meet in 39 years, this year he was going to have a baby.”

Stas himself once said that it is not ready for marriage, and he is currently all about the music.

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