Стас Пьеха: «Строю дом для жены, чтобы чаще видеть сына» The famous singer has recently broke up with his wife Natalia. Despite the gap, Stas Peha continues to maintain cordial relationship with the mother of his son Peter. In an interview with “StarHit” the actor said about the changes in his life and work.

      Стас Пьеха: «Строю дом для жены, чтобы чаще видеть сына»

      Widely known Stas Peha received after the project “star Factory-4” where the young artist took third place. After that he became confident to conquer show business to write songs, to release the clips. Numerous admirers of the artist noted the high quality of the music and his performances. The musician said in an interview with “StarHit” that now is going to change their creativity and to reach a qualitatively new level. Collins also spoke about life after breaking up with his wife Natalia and about the relationship with their son Peter.

      Not so long ago you shot a video for the song “Not enough”, saying that it will become a new stage of your professional life. But what exactly will change in the works?
      Стас Пьеха: «Строю дом для жены, чтобы чаще видеть сына»But a lot of things, including pay attention to visualization. It’s time to show what we’ve been doing the last few years. This kind of step to create the music that we want to do. There will be more lights, more music, electronic including, the quality will be even better.—
      There were rumors that you supposedly ended his career on the stage. However, later the impression that your words were misinterpreted. What was it?
      Стас Пьеха: «Строю дом для жены, чтобы чаще видеть сына»What pop career? It is an ephemeral concept. I’m not limited by any genres. If you take “pop” as “popular music”, I want to sing, knowing that it brought some dividends, not just pleasure. Now I finish to use template methods in music, I want to invent something new. Partially my songs stay with me, but it will be a new sound. Every year we are preparing a new tour programme. This year special attention is paid to the fact that like. And singing the same songs gets boring. So we just change the sound.—
      Are these creative changes with the changes in your personal life?
      Стас Пьеха: «Строю дом для жены, чтобы чаще видеть сына»No, in no way. I’m just tired, that 13 years singing the same songs. It’s like walking in the same pants.

      Fans still interested in why you decided to leave your wife, what happened?
      Стас Пьеха: «Строю дом для жены, чтобы чаще видеть сына»Nobody solved. It just so happened. It happens that people at some point understand that cohabitation is no longer possible. They come to a consensus, disagree, maintaining friendships, especially when you have a love – child. All his life he will us to connect. I can say that to this day we talk as friends. I support son, strongly invested in his education. Why is this such a rhetorical question. I don’t know why it happened… In General, it does not matter. —
      You already filed for divorce or leave the hope that everyone may recover after some time?
      Стас Пьеха: «Строю дом для жены, чтобы чаще видеть сына»I have not analyzed the situation yet, and we have not filed for divorce, because I don’t have time for this. I have a clinic, there are a lot of new beginnings, so finding a spare minute is hard. And besides, I find it easier to help your son, not the letter of the law, and the way I want. —
      How often now see son, there are in St. Petersburg?
      Стас Пьеха: «Строю дом для жены, чтобы чаще видеть сына»Not often, son with mom summer spent in Spain. Now they came to the town of Pushkin. Currently being built, the house in which they move. Hopefully, six months later, Natalia and Peter live there, and we’ll be there, I will see my son every week. —
      As Peter grows a little? What abilities it already has?
      Стас Пьеха: «Строю дом для жены, чтобы чаще видеть сына» I see that he has good math skills, he figures. He also dances. He is a very lively boy. It is impossible to stop.—
      Instill the love of music? Would you like to follow your example and also became a musician?
      Стас Пьеха: «Строю дом для жены, чтобы чаще видеть сына»I believe that it is the choice of each individual, so let him decide.

      In December you mentioned that you are going to open a drug treatment center. Are there results that we can boast of?
      Стас Пьеха: «Строю дом для жены, чтобы чаще видеть сына» At the clinic now and we made a good repair. Purchased part of the equipment, finish the VIP-chambers. Our pride is strong specialists, very good medical staff. If all things go well, in October open.

      Not so long ago you released a second collection of poems, which caused a barrage of criticism, and enthusiasm. How do you react to the reaction of the readers? Does it bother you negative feedback?
      Стас Пьеха: «Строю дом для жены, чтобы чаще видеть сына»I felt no criticism. Poetry is a non – profit business, a diary of feelings. I’m happy that he released a compilation album, because there I talked about what happened in the period from 2007 to 2014. I am ashamed of nothing, there all real. And to criticize it makes no sense.—
      Do you prepare new works? How will you surprise?
      Recently wrote one. I liked it. But it’s a painstaking process – from five poems written one good, and four were sent to the table. I write rarely, sometimes it happens that for a month, only one successful, which I want to show others.