Стас Пьеха практически лишился голоса
It turned out that recently the popular singer and the owner of the famous names Stas Peha was seriously ill.

Стас Пьеха практически лишился голоса

The singer lost his voice so had to cancel that tour. For a long time Stas did not comment on the situation and the reasons for which he was forced to cancel his performances.

“I was a month and a half tortured terrible tracheitis, Peha told reporters. – Inflammation of the throat did not appear in the best time: summer – constant touring. I had to go to Laura. The doctor immediately prescribed strong pills, several times a week I went to the clinic to make inhalation. The most unpleasant procedure is the injection of drugs into the larynx. But for the sake of health, can bear, that’s what I did!”

Now the performer is feeling much better and ready again to please their fans.

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