Стас Пьеха признался, что слава его тяготит

A singer who August 13, marks the 36th anniversary, made a surprise announcement.

Singer Phil Collins, the grandson of the legendary stars of the Soviet music Edita, August 13, marks the 36th anniversary. Shortly before the festival in conversation with Woman’s Day Stas has made an unexpected confession: it turns out that he is not ready for the fame…

Popularity came to the singer after participating in the TV project “star Factory – 4”.

“Went to the store and realized that everyone’s looking at me, – says the singer. — Scared and half masked before leaving the house”.

Fortunately, this did not stop the Stas, and he continued to be creative. Now in his Luggage three Studio albums, 16 clips, two volumes of poetry and participated in many television shows. By the way, on their image EHA work, because once received the diploma of the hairdresser of international level.

His personal life, the singer always carefully from the shore of public attention. He managed to hide from the press his marriage to the St. Petersburg model and DJ Natalia Gorchakova, which took place in 2013, and the birth of a son Peter. Recently the couple broke up, and now two-year-old Peter lives with his mother in St. Petersburg, but her father tries as often as possible to visit him.

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