Stas Mikhailov was released from the hospital

Стаса Михайлова выписали из больницы
Singer examined after yesterday’s health problems.

Stas Mihajlov with the hospital staff

Photo: Instagram

Stas Mikhailov was urgently hospitalized yesterday before his concert in Stavropol. The wife of singer Inna, reported that he became ill during the sound check before the concert. At Mikhailov’s blood pressure went up sharply, and the paramedics could not bring him even two injections of strong drugs. It was therefore decided to cancel the concert and to go to the hospital for examination.

In the hospital the doctors took the singer various analyses, conducted the necessary research. In the end it turned out that the pressure of Stas jumped because of the fatigue and fatigue the body. Now his condition is stable and he can continue the tour.

“Here and improved their health… — said Mihaylov after discharge from the hospital. — A huge thank you to the regional clinical hospital of Stavropol region for their efficiency and attention!!! I am pleasantly touched by the care and understanding of all my fans! I apologize for the cancellation. Unfortunately, this is life, and it is full of surprises…. Let’s appreciate every day given by God!”

Fans did not take offense at their idol for the cancellation, especially since he promised soon to return and win back his program on old tickets.

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