Стас Михайлов трогательно обратился к жене The beloved musician celebrates his birthday. Stas Mikhailov Inna devoted delicate lines that touched the fans. The star couple and their friends celebrated the holiday, devoted to women, in Dubai.
Стас Михайлов трогательно обратился к жене

Stas and Inna Mikhailov are an example for many fans. The artist never ceases to confess his love to his wife, repeatedly noting that she is his only Muse. May 9, wife of musician turned 45 years old. In honor of this event, a man dedicated to the beloved touching congratulation.

Mikhailov noted that immediately decided to marry the future mother of their children. According to Stas, Inna is a true guardian angel for the whole family.

“Once born, you are already God’s Providence was meant for me. You’re my favorite person appeared in my life when I’m not waiting for anything, and completely changed my life! I want you to be happy and loved next to me. You’re already a part of me, this is important. May God always be in your heart and in our family!” shared the feelings of the singer.
Стас Михайлов трогательно обратился к жене

Mikhailov said that the whole family adores her for her kindness and affection. Fans were delighted from touching greetings and hurried to join him. “Inna, happy birthday! You just got very lucky with his beautiful wife”, “You are an incredible couple, very sincere and gentle”, “take care of your love and never hurt each other,” wrote the fans of the star couple.

Stas decided to throw a Royal celebration in honor of the anniversary couple. Together they went to the UAE, where he rented a room in the most expensive hotel of the country. There took place a gala dinner, dedicated to Inna. It was attended by the closest friends of the young woman.

Besides, Mikhailov gave it to his wife several huge bouquets of flowers. In the photos from the celebration Inna literally glows with happiness. Especially Muse, the singer was pleased with the greeting from her daughter Eva.

“I love you so much and strive to follow your example in everything. I am proud that you gave me life, be proud that you’re my mother! After all, to have a man like you is a priceless gift from God. The biggest compliment for me to hear that I like you. You are the most wise, noble, active, charismatic, and of course the favorite,” wrote eve.

Now she is studying in London, but she often tries to visit Mikhailov. Inna has repeatedly told me that her children from a previous relationship immediately found a common language with Stas, and now the family there is absolute harmony. Fans do not get tired to admire how young and elegant looks darling Mikhailov.