Stas Mikhailov: the wives of singer. Personal life

Stas Mikhailov: the wives of singer. Personal life

Through his songs and personal charm, he became the idol of millions of women, but to its success, the singer has walked the long hard way. And personal life of the artist was not always smooth, but now next to him, his Muse and the love of my life – the wife of Stas Mikhailov Inna.

Personal life

The first great love Stanislav met in his native city of Sochi. Inna Hump, his first wife, Mikhailov has linked the fate of the ninety-sixth year. Stas was supposed to be with the beloved all my life and therefore not only married in the registry office, but also married to ina in the Church.

Stas Mikhailov: the wives of singer. Personal life

On the photo: Stas Mikhailov with his ex-wife and son

Wife went for the Emperor to St. Petersburg, where he tried to finish his debut album, but its output is not brought to a novice singer neither expect success nor income. Then, together with ina, he returned to Sochi, where five years after the wedding came to light the first-born Mikhailov – son Nikita.

However, to stay long in his hometown of Stas was not going to – he knew that to realize themselves fully only in the capital, so in 2000 he went to Moscow, leaving his family in Sochi.

Stas Mikhailov: the wives of singer. Personal life

Stas Mikhailov in his youth

Departure is not the best way affected the personal life of Stas Mikhailov – he had to live away from family, sometimes his wife came to him in the capital, but such a relationship could not exist long, and, in the end, the singer broke up with ina, which was once his Muse, and whom he loved very much.

Ex-wife Mikhailov devoted not one song, and the breakup inspired him to create another song of empowerment – “Woman-hoax,” in which he summed up their family life. He was very sad to hear that, according to ina, she was the author of many of his songs and did a lot for its promotion, although in reality it was not so.

She followed her husband to Moscow, not wishing to wander in a rented apartment and live on his meager earnings. After the divorce, a Hump Inna, Stas allowed to see his son only if he will pay for it. Now Mikhailov prefers to forget about his first wife and not mention it in their interviews.

In Moscow the singer started a completely different life, in which there was a place for a new novel – with Natalia Zotova, who spoke on vocals in his band. They did not advertise their relationship was not very long, but had certain implications – Natalia gave birth to daughter Darya. It happened after their breakup, Mikhailov long time did not recognize his daughter. Only when Dasha was six years old, Stas wanted to meet her and saw that she was exactly like him.

Stas Mikhailov: the wives of singer. Personal life

On the photo: Stas Mikhailov Inna Kanchelskis

But major changes in the personal life of Stas Mikhailov happened after his acquaintance with Inna Kanchelskis.

The second wife of Stas Mikhailov

Before meeting with Stas she has already had experience of family relationships. With a footballer Andrei Kanchelskis she met in his native Kirovohrad, and married him when she was only eighteen years old. At that time Andrew played for Shakhtar Donetsk, and soon after signed a lucrative contract with the British club, and the young family for four years, he moved to England.

Stas Mikhailov: the wives of singer. Personal life

On the photo: Stas Mikhailov with his wife and her children from her first marriage

In my first marriage, Inna gave birth to two children – a son and a daughter, but it did not save her marriage with Andrew. After living together for fifteen years, they decided to leave. The reason for this was Roman and Inna gaining popularity of Stas Mikhailov.

Stas Mikhailov: the wives of singer. Personal life

On the photo: Stas Mikhailov with his wife

They met at the restaurant, where, having been at his concert, went to Inna with a friend. After a pleasant evening they exchanged phone numbers, began to call, and lasted a whole month their phone novel to meet in person was impossible because of the endless touring Mikhailov.

When her husband Inna found out about the affair his wife, decided to put an end to their marital relationship. Their divorce dragged on for years due to disputes related to division of property and child custody, and only in 2011, she officially became the wife of Stas Mikhailov.

Stas Mikhailov: the wives of singer. Personal life

At first they lived in a small rented apartment, but the new wife of the singer is not frightened by the prospect of starting life with a clean slate.

“Thank God for such a gift! I could not imagine that in thirty-three years my life drastically changed… I Now know one thing – neither age nor number of children is not important, when there are real emotions!” – says the wife of Stas Mikhailov.

Children after divorce to her first husband left her, and in 2009 Inna Mikhailov gave birth to their first child – daughter Jane, and three years later she had a sister Mary.

Stas Mikhailov: the wives of singer. Personal life

Photo: the family of Stas Mikhailov

Now the wife and children of the singer is the main thing in the life of Stas Mikhailov, and he does not get tired to admit im in love.

Stanislav Vladimirovich – the father of six children, the son from his first marriage, daughter from Natalia Zotova, daughter and her son and two daughters shared. The eldest daughter of the new wife Eva Mikhailov now lives and studies in London.

Stas Mikhailov: the wives of singer. Personal life

Inna Mikhailova with older children

Brief biography

It is impossible to imagine Russian pop without the popular artist, and once he was known only in his native city of Sochi. On the way to the success of Stas had to do a lot, experienced a lot of setbacks, and his work was crowned with success.

“When I took the first steps in show business, I didn’t know that I would become famous. No I didn’t promise that. I just have this nature to go forward!”, – said Mikhailov.

He was born fifty years ago in the family of the pilot and nurse, which brought up another child – older brother Stanislav, Valery, who taught him to play the guitar.

Stas Mikhailov: the wives of singer. Personal life

Stas Mikhailov with his older brother

Another childish infatuation Stas was a sport, but music is always at the first place, besides, Mikhailov showed promising vocal talent. In his youth, he not only sang in the local restaurants, but also became the winner of regional competition, finishing in second place.

Stas Mikhailov: the wives of singer. Personal life

Mikhailov with his parents

When it came time to decide which profession to connect their future biography, Mikhailov has made a choice in favor of aviation, but the study at the Minsk school for him lasted only seven months – a pilot on a civil aircraft appeared to Stas uninteresting.

Leaving school, he a few months he worked as a porter, and then went into the army, after returning from where you started the creative biography of the singer. He moved to Tambov, where he became a student at the local Institute of culture, however, so it is not finished.

Stas Mikhailov: the wives of singer. Personal life

Back in Sochi, Mikhailov a while I worked in restaurants, a recording Studio, and then decided to go to Moscow. In the capital he got lucky and he got a job in a variety Theatre, in which after five years, Stas moved to St. Petersburg, where he recorded his first album, shot a video, but these initiatives were not successful, and he had to return to his hometown. But in Sochi Mikhailov for a little while longer to develop a career as a singer again, he decided to continue in Moscow.

Stas Mikhailov: the wives of singer. Personal life

Familiarity with businessman Vladimir Miller was a happy occasion in the biography Mikhailov, thanks to which he got the opportunity to voice their talent. Popular and so long awaited fame came to Stas after the radio came the song “Without you”.

Stas Mikhailov: the wives of singer. Personal life

In 2004 Mikhailov recorded a CD “Call for love”, gained recognition among listeners, and filmed a video “Half”. Began the endless touring, concerts, rapidly growing audience came to hear of Stas spectators.

In 2008 he made his first appearance in the Kremlin, and the following year received his first “Golden gramophone”. Eventually he got an audience of millions of fans, the adoring songs of Stas Mikhailov for their sad romanticism and expressiveness.

Stas Mikhailov: the wives of singer. Personal life

Almost every year a new disk of the singer, all the songs where written by Mikhailov. He is one of the most popular Russian performers, whose concerts are held with the same notice.

Not so long ago Mihaylov opened his own production center and a creative workshop in which you can find many young talented performers.

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