Стас Михайлов устроил дочери громкую вечеринку в Монако Artist heiress Ivanka was seven years old. For the celebration of the birth of the baby family Mikhailov rented one of the luxurious restaurants of Monaco. On birthday to the girl came to star friends of her parents with their children.

      On the eve of a famous Russian singer Stas Mikhailov and his wife Inna had made for his daughter Ivanka a real holiday. The girl was 7 years old. Parents were having a party in one of the restaurants of Monaco. For the successor artist of the school was decorated with balloons and bright ribbons. On birthday to the girl came close friends family star: singer Zara children designer Emma Salimova, and many others.

      “Seven years ago gave you God! I really want you to be happy in this life. Healthy and happy!”, such a touching congratulation heiress left Mihaylov on his page in the social network.

      Seven year old Ivanka appeared at the event in Golden dress with elegant styling in the form of waves. Admirers of her dad Stas Mikhailov noted that the girl looks very stylish and look like a beautiful doll. “So many clothes, so many gifts – it is so great. Happy child and happy all around! Ivanna to You umnichka!”, “Princess,” “Here it is dad’s happiness,” “Two of the casket, with the same person”, “Look at the photo, and it is impossible not to smile!”, – admired daughter Mikhailova its subscribers.

      By the way, quite recently, the girl became the heroine of the microblog of a famous designer brand D&G, Stefano Gabbana. The designer shared in his microblog a photo of my heirs, Stas Mikhailov, Ivanka and Masha, in the famous dress with a lemon print created for one of the children’s collections of the brand. Stefano Gabbana admired the style of the daughters of Stas Mikhailov

      Recall that Stas and Inna Mikhailov happily married for five years. They learned to understand each other perfectly and support in difficult moments. “Inna covers many issues in my life. She’s home, back, rear. I do work, I’m providing, and it is not interfering with me in this fun, educating children, creating comfort in the house, and thus remains a beautiful woman. We have the same interests is very important. But it is more hot, explosive, even I too not a gift. For example, I don’t care what anybody said about me, and Inna is painful. We met two adults with some Luggage behind. And become family. Perfectly complement each other”, – said Stas Mikhailov.

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