Stas Mikhailov doomed to happiness French actors

Стас Михайлов обрек на счастье французских актеров The famous singer presented the new clip. Stas Mikhailov told another moving story about love that was special for him. Director of music video became the famous clipmaker Alan Badoev.

In may 2016 Stas Mikhailov introduced the song “We are doomed love is happiness”. The author of the poems was the famous poet Mikhail Gutseriev, and composers made Stas Mikhailov and Sergei Revtov.

For the singer this song was special. The musicians created lyrical tale about feelings of Mature men, for whom love is the main hope for salvation.

“I’ve been friends with Mikhail Gutseriev. Poems have always fascinated me, and his lyre continually inspired to compose music. I am happy that our songs live and delight people,” – said Mikhailov.
Стас Михайлов обрек на счастье французских актеров

The role of competing careerists, and later the loving couple was invited to the famous French actors Stephane Perino and Ingrid Casting. Stas Mihaylov acted as a narrator and witness amazing love stories. Stas Mikhailov: “Emotions often beat me”

“I am convinced that a good song is able to live outside of time. My poetry is about human feelings, experiences, situations, in which, perhaps, everyone is able to learn. With Stanislav, we wrote many beautiful songs: “Fever of the soul”, “Joker”, “the Dream of the two of us” and here is the new “We are doomed love is happiness”. In each of them, Stanislav not only an amazing performer, and author of melodies of incredible beauty, their distinctive feature the ability to perform and under piano or even orchestra. I sincerely value our friendship and creative Union. I am confident that together we will write a lot more striking compositions that will find the a deep response in the hearts of our audience”, said the poet Mikhail Gutseriev.

The clip was directed by Alan Badoev. He flawlessly moved the original story songs in the history of the elegant style of French cinema. The music video Director said that the song born on the verses Gutseriev, always abound with interesting twists that help in the development of the plot.

“It’s great that there is the key to the story that we learned from the song “We are doomed love is happiness”. The name itself carries a specific message, because love really pushes people told Badoev. On the one hand, the “doomed” is a word that carries some conflict, even drama, but on the other hand, when people are doomed to love – they are very happy. So our heroes, being 24 hours together in conflict, in a situation when they are confined in one room, they fall in love with each other and understand what is actually insanely close.”