Stas Mihaylov: “I often criticize myself”

Стас Михайлов: «Я часто себя ругаю» The singer and his wife told how to relate to the shortcomings of each other and how to divide domestic responsibilities. For many a pair of Stas and Inna Mikhailov is exemplary – for ten years the couple are happy together. About what makes his family strong, and are ready for something they love, and who at his house there is always a place, the actor told in an interview to “StarHit”.

      Стас Михайлов: «Я часто себя ругаю»

      Stas and Inna Mikhailov invited the editor of “Stargate” Anna Tupikina in his first restaurant “the Communal flat”, which was recently opened in St. Petersburg.

      Стас Михайлов: «Я часто себя ругаю»Anya, try vegetable caviar – it is excellent. In the restaurant we cook according to the Soviet recipes that are beloved. I, for instance, I love char-grilled chicken with crust, mom cooked it with garlic, under pressure, covered with stones.—
      In such times of crisis you took a chance and opened this place?
      Стас Михайлов: «Я часто себя ругаю»This decision is not spontaneous. Had many offers to do business, but only when you see the restaurant “the Communal flat” in Chisinau, I wanted to open the same. Inna supported me, although the institution itself is not seen, she had my words “you like it.” She’s helping me. On the opening day did not sleep almost – made beauty, added details in the interior. I look at things globally, and she sees every little detail. Feminine look! The restaurant anti-crisis prices, and we want to see that here, as in the good old days in the kitchen, gathered people of different classes and soul, at home time.
      Стас Михайлов: «Я часто себя ругаю»Soon will show “Communal” our daughters – there will be kids club. There will be animators, and master-classes on cooking of dishes. So invite mom, dad and kids!—
      At home in the kitchen often gather friends?
      Стас Михайлов: «Я часто себя ругаю»For this purpose we have arranged a Banquet hall. Invite only the closest people who share my views, know me from all sides, even before I became popular.—
      Inna certainly spoils the guests with specialities?
      Стас Михайлов: «Я часто себя ругаю»Stas loves when I cook. Of course, not standing for days at the plate, but for the holidays vybirayutsya recipes. For example, on New year gave a very interesting dish – a kid in the nuts, dried fruit, honey and balsamic vinegar. Turned out with some truly gorgeous Golden crust. The recipe itself was invented.
      Стас Михайлов: «Я часто себя ругаю»
      They say that the main meal is Breakfast…
      Стас Михайлов: «Я часто себя ругаю»Breakfast we have a very simple porridge. Stas eats a couple of spoons. Then sports.
      Стас Михайлов: «Я часто себя ругаю»Every morning I run five miles. Try to eat and teach this to children.—
      Wife is joined to you on the run?
      Стас Михайлов: «Я часто себя ругаю»I run fifteen kilometers. Just kidding, Stas I could not catch!—
      You are always together, all supporting each other. How about sharing the chores?
      Стас Михайлов: «Я часто себя ругаю»We do not share household chores on “yours” and “mine.” I live this person and try to help in everything.
      Стас Михайлов: «Я часто себя ругаю»Inna covers many issues in my life. She’s home, back, rear. I do creative work, I am the breadwinner, and she is not disturbing me in this, a joy, raising children, creating comfort in the house, and it is the perfect woman. We have the same interests is very important. But it is more hot, explosive, though I too not a gift. For example, I’m not interested in what anybody said about me, and for her it’s painful. We met two adults, with a certain baggage behind. And become family. Perfectly complement each other.
      Стас Михайлов: «Я часто себя ругаю»
      What Stas Mihaylov in the home?
      Стас Михайлов: «Я часто себя ругаю»He is meticulous-a perfectionist. It all should be systematic. Every day is scheduled,and if he does not do everything that was planned will not sleep quietly. He needs to constantly be in motion.—
      Stas, do you have any character qualities that you don’t like?
      Стас Михайлов: «Я часто себя ругаю»Of course, I have as positive features, and those with whom we must fight. I hope the first is still more. I often myself for something criticise, I do not.
      Стас Михайлов: «Я часто себя ругаю»And I was happy with everything. When you love someone, even his weaknesses are prodoljeniem advantages. Ten years ago, he quickly and beautifully into my life, and in a rather difficult period. Thank God for what he is, and the feelings that gave.
      Стас Михайлов: «Я часто себя ругаю»Love is chemistry, that feeling when you give more than you take. It’s a gift that desespere. It does not appear from nowhere. Out of billions of people, two people meet. Don’t confuse love and lust are two different things! Passion can fade, and maybe we have to stay the same. But growing a huge respect for your woman, the one who bore you children. For me, the indicator of mother Love and father Vladimir. They recently celebrated the round date – 55 years together! They have no passion, but there is respect for each other, devotion, because they all life together.
      Learning something from parents in a relationship?
      Стас Михайлов: «Я часто себя ругаю»Of course! Learned a lot from them and the older brother Valera. The principles of nepotism, love of children, gratitude to heaven for what you have. 25 years ago, after his brother’s death, I realized how hard it is to be lonely. Sorry mom because of health could not give me another brother, sister… I want to have many children! God willing, another birth!
      Стас Михайлов: «Я часто себя ругаю»The more, the merrier. Although with Stas will be interesting, even when you become a grandfather and I grandmother. He’s constantly joking, just like your old man! Anya, if you had seen the way his parents communicate with each other, – their spirit will not let their 70 years, they are still very young people, sociable.
      Стас Михайлов: «Я часто себя ругаю»
      Fans often call you a real man. What do you mean by that?
      Стас Михайлов: «Я часто себя ругаю»Can be trite to enumerate all known definitions about honor, courage, a sense of humor. All this, of course, important. But, in my opinion, one key concept is trust. A real man can be trusted. Family trust him with my life, and he makes this life happy. The woman trusts love, and both not a second do not regret it. Each trust back, and she is always properly covered.—
      And you have many friends?
      Стас Михайлов: «Я часто себя ругаю»Thank God I have people I can call friends! Many of them, their lyubluy I very much value our relations, to cease which is possible only because of the betrayal.Friendship is the ability to perceive the pain of others as their own, most importantly – someone else’s joy. I have MEGATECH who have extended a helping hand when I was not yet Mikhailov: family Zadornyj they cross her kidneys – helped me both spiritually and financially, when I was in distress and only nacionalisticheskoi way. One-sided friendship does not happen. Giving heat to a close, I realize that they otautau me.
      Стас Михайлов: «Я часто себя ругаю»I know that female friendship does exist! I don’t have much close friends, but they are, Yoni for my family. Some have entrusted me to be the godmother of their children. I was baptized quite late – at the age of 18. At the time my faith was not so tender. Spouse brought me to her. For this I am very grateful to him.
      Стас Михайлов: «Я часто себя ругаю»Faith in God is the definition of priorities. If you have it in the first place, the rest of budena their places. I try in life to always follow this principle. Read spiritual literature, I believe that it has answers to all the questions. Lent adhere as far as possible.What is important is not that you ate a piece of meat or not, it is important people not to eat. On the seventh week is Holy week – this year will not work, to do business, will leave for MT. Plan soon to visit this restaurant. Above the threshold hang up the icon, hand it from my suburban home.
      There is something that you regret?
      Стас Михайлов: «Я часто себя ругаю»Many would like to change, but unfortunately, to do this, I don’t have enough forces and possibilities. For example, I would like to see our country even stronger, more independent from external factors, to stop people shooting each other… Some officials solved the problems of the people better perform their duties. I want to see a decent life for veterans, which is short, Yes, generally all old men!
      Стас Михайлов: «Я часто себя ругаю»Stas, you are talking like a politician. I think you would be able to succeed in this field.—
      Believe in fate?
      Стас Михайлов: «Я часто себя ругаю»Of course not! Life loses all meaning, if we assume that everything is predetermined. The main gift is freedom. We choose a path, build their own lives and make decisions that will keep the answer.

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