Стас Костюшкин повздорил с женой из-за яхты The singer and his significant other are unable to refrain from a dispute on the rest. Yulia and Stas Kostushkin was in the middle of a family quarrel, which was caught on video. Due to the rapid entry of the video caused laughter among the fans of the couple.

      Yulia and Stas Kostushkin second son was born at the end of last year. Happy family have become accustomed to the new way of life. Celebrities together to divide parental responsibilities and cope with household tasks, while finding time for work and leisure.

      On the eve of the star the family got to stay in the suburbs and was at the big pond. Stas offered the service of renting a yacht. Around the same time, it became clear that the younger son of a pair of Myron wants to sleep. Dad decided to rock the baby on the boat.

      When the family was on the ship, it turned out that Myron not get to sleep. On the contrary, the boy began to act up. Then between his parents was a real dispute. Julia regretted that he was on the boat. Stas insisted that everything should be sorted out, because he paid the rent of the vessel.

      “I get carsick!”, – outraged Stas. “But both of us want to puke…” complains Julia. “Not gonna throw up! Father paid,” says an angry Kostyushkin.

      Fans of the star couple quarrel on the ship that Stas has published on his page in Instagram seemed very funny. First, because the singer turned on the recording at an accelerated rate. Secondly, fans of the pair know that the couple of lovers only in jest, and in fact, in their family there is complete harmony.

      Proof of this is the recent Kostyushkina congratulations with wedding anniversary. In the morning Kostyushkin wrote to his wife congratulations on the 10th anniversary of family life. The actor admitted that he and his wife still keep each other loyalty, and their feelings are becoming stronger.

      Stas Kostyushkin admitted fidelity to his wife

      “God! Ten years from the wedding day with Julia! I love you, dear! On the reverse side of wedding rings you and says “loyalty”, and how nice to know that over these 10 years no one broke their word. The only thing that scares, that every year I understand more and more that I can’t live without you,” wrote the wife Kostyushkin.

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