Stas Kostyushkin makes repairs for the birth of his daughter

Стас Костюшкин делает ремонт ради рождения дочери The singer turned to the program “a Perfect repair”. Stas and Yulia Kostyushkina hope that the updated interior will contribute to the long-awaited heir. The couple dream of a fashionable interior, which will transform the whole house.
Стас Костюшкин делает ремонт ради рождения дочери

Recently, the famous singer Stas Kostyushkin addressed in the program “a Perfect repair” button to build a new mansion. He admitted that for 20 years in show business he has accumulated in a country house. The artist has invited a leading transfer Natasha Barbier in new housing.

“There’s nothing there, the money is over! I have always had a idea: has accumulated, bought, wife eyes done, show! Here I want,” said the man.

Stas together with his wife Julia said that on the first floor in the house had already been renovated when they bought a house. They admitted that they want to update the bedroom. The couple have two children grow up – the son of Bohdan and Myron. Kostyushkin said that he and his wife dream of a daughter. They believe that the new interior will contribute to the addition to the family.

Стас Костюшкин делает ремонт ради рождения дочери

The couple expressed their wishes leading transfer. They dream of a bathroom, which can be done instead of dressing. Also they don’t want in the room was the TV. Celebrities prefer fashionable design in soothing tones, where they will rest comfortably. Stas says he works a lot and comes home late at night.

The repair crew was engaged in rough work, and made an opening for future bathroom. At the time of the Transfiguration home Stas Kostyushkin rented the cottage to spend time outdoors with the whole family. Natasha Barbier came to visit to visit the heroes of the program. The musician staged a feast – fried kebab.

Natasha Barbier came to see the production of furniture because the new house Stas Kostushkin will be the exclusive interior design. The factory produces items in a single copy.

Bathroom team has installed the original mirrors, shockproof and durable, which has a decorative finish that resembles the rainforest. Has also been fitted with a shower.

Стас Костюшкин делает ремонт ради рождения дочери

When Stas Kostushkin and Julia came into the room, they were pleasantly surprised with the result. The couple saw a room done in shades of gray. On the floor lay a silver carpet, and bed linen, the designers chose pale pistachio color. On the walls hung a triptych, watercolor paint made specifically for heroes program, called “Infinity”, “Energy” and “Love.” Now the room has tropical plants. Also surprised Yulia and Stas hanging chair, fixed to the ceiling.

“We’ll have the whole house to remodel that was as beautiful. I will now have three times more work!” – admired musician.
Стас Костюшкин делает ремонт ради рождения дочери

The couple continued to explore the room and shower and paid attention to every detail. “It’s so unusual I have not seen,” expressed the delight of Julia.

Family Kostyushkina thanked the program “a Perfect repair” because they could guess the flavor.