Stas Kostyushkin has passed the doping test

Стас Костюшкин прошел тест на допинг
The popular singer has tested for a banned substance in the show “the Money or the shame.”

Stas Kostyushkin

Photo: press service of TNT

In the show
“Money and shame” on channel ТНТ4 coming stars who are not afraid
to laugh at yourself. In addition, they can get a lot of money for it! But
sometimes the show’s host uncle Victor is not limited to the derision of the various facts of
the life of stars, and provokes them to new, uncomfortable situation. In the new
the episode, which aired ТНТ4 Thursday, 7 September, 23:00, to visit
the comic will come Stas Kostyushkin. Uncle Victor will invite the singer to undergo a doping test
directly on the show. Doubt caused great physical shape Stas… no
use steroids, according to the singer. Or host of the show just
played hurt, which age he entered the College, but also cheerfully
dance to the song “Woman, I don’t dance” it is hard. Anyway, Stas
agreed to donate their saliva to the laboratory.

“I am against
as steroids, or any drugs, told Kostyushkin. Once even
the event was hosted against steroids. At first I honestly did not know how and what to say
people in the hall. But as he once tried, has decided as follows: “Boys, you
it is useless to say anything, you will still be trying. The fact that
if you have a car with the last digit on the speedometer “300”, you still
ever try to reach her and even surpass. So how people.
If every day to go to the gym, you’ll ever need
to try. Therefore, if you do decide, at least take the tests and
do it right, because it’s very scary and it can end up bad.”