Stas Kostyushkin and his wife were recognized as the best

Стаса Костюшкина и его жену признали лучшими
Celebrity couple won an honorary award.

Stas and Julia Kostyushkin

Photo: @Instagram karapylka Julia Kostyushkin

Recently in Moscow
the ceremony of awarding Fashion
Summer Awards 2016. One of the main characters
the evening began Stas Kostyushkin and his wife Julia, who won in the nomination “the Couple
of the year”. Spouses were found not only one of the most harmonious unions in the world
show-business, but also appreciated their ability to be aware of all fashion trends.
The singer and his wife often appear together at social events and always
delight the audience with their impeccable appearance.

Meanwhile, Stas and Julia
have two sons — 9-year-old Bohdan and Myron, who was born
in December last year. Despite the small age brother, Bogdan
trying to help my parents and really their for him not jealous. Stas
and Julia also have time to devote time to himself. Their relationship lasted for almost 9 years,
but the romance of them went nowhere. The couple periodically arrange themselves
“trip for two” which can distract from everyday life and spend time

that the wife of the singer is about to return from maternity leave and start working.
Julia, who worked for several years the presenter hinted that it would not
averse to change occupation. So, for example, recently she thought about
career radio host. “I want to work from maternity leave. Moreover,
the work is so interesting!” — said Julia.

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