Stas Kostyushkin admitted the affair

Стас Костюшкин признался в измене

The appearance of Stas Kostushkin gives reason to consider him a kind of macho, unable to deny any woman.

However, despite the external image of don Juan, a 45-year-old singer is loyalty and devotion to its family.

In a recent interview with 45-year-old Kostyushkin admitted that in his life there was a betrayal. But that negative experience taught him a lot.

We are talking about previous relationships Kostyushkina, even before his acquaintance with well-known TV presenter, who became the wife of the contractor. “When I started to chat with Julia and it was a huge secret for all the fans found out about it and began to napisyvat my former wife, “look after your husband!”

“I left once and went. But then I realized that the story of the exploits closed to me forever. Because it just all know. Then I myself, of course, had to say about it, but I didn’t know how to do it… actually I’m shy, insecure and do not know how to behave with girls. I’m a little afraid of them. It has become a tradition since his youth. I always thought: “She won’t pay attention to me, well who I am!” And now it remained. Everything you see on stage is the way. In life I absolutely another“, – said Stas Kostyushkin.

Recall that Stas and his wife Julia have a relationship of length 12. During this time the couple had two children – Myron and Bogdan.