Stas Kostyushkin admitted infidelity favorite

Стас Костюшкин сознался в измене любимой The singer told reporters that not always been faithful to his mate. Remembering one of the previous novels, Stas told about how that was dishonest with the chosen one. The story taught artist.

      45-year-old singer Stas Kostyushkin – exemplary family man and father of two adorable children. Recently, however, it became clear that it was not always so. The actor told reporters about the betrayal of one of his passions. We are talking about previous relationships Kostyushkina, even before his acquaintance with well-known TV presenter, who became the wife of the contractor. “When I started to chat with Julia and it was a huge secret for all the fans found out about it and began to napisyvat my former wife, “look after your husband!”, – said Stas.

      Kostyushkin also talked about what he was taught cheating mate. According to Stas, since he never arrives. He also told that always shy to talk to girls.

      “I left once and went. But then I realized that the story of the exploits closed to me forever. Because it just all know. Then I myself, of course, had to say about it, but I didn’t know how to do it… actually I’m shy, insecure and do not know how to behave with girls. I’m a little afraid of them. It has become a tradition since his youth. I always thought: “She won’t pay attention to me, well who I am!” And now it remained. Everything you see on stage is the way. In life I absolutely another”, – said Stas Kostyushkin.

      Recall that Stas Kostyushkin and his wife Julia have been together for about twelve years. The couple do not get tired to confess to one another in love. So, in July of this year, the singer and TV presenter celebrated the tenth anniversary of the wedding. Over the years family life Stas and Julia became closer and dearer. “On the reverse side of wedding rings you and says “loyalty”, and how nice to know that over these 10 years no one broke their word. The only thing that scares, that every year I understand more and more that I can’t live without you,” wrote a beloved artist.

      Stas Kostyushkin admitted fidelity to his wife

      Then Yulia Kostyushkina also sent her lover a message, which touchingly confessed her love for him. “I love you, my dear, the best of everything in my life is only with you”, – shared the leading.

      In an interview with reporters Stas also said that he is very comfortable with Julia. According to the artist, sometimes his wife asks why he’s not cheating on her. “I say to her: “God forbid to run into another one like you. I think I will take,” said Kostyushkin

      By the way, in December last year, the couple appeared heir Myron, who became the second child in their family. Bogdan, the eldest son Kostyushkina, gladly accepted the baby and started taking care of it.