Stas Kostushkin forced to make excuses for the relationship with Panin

Стаса Костюшкина заставили оправдаться за связь с Паниным The actor flew to the Krasnodar region to take part in the filming of the clip “Oops! Anapa!”. Kostyushkin warmly welcomed the artist with his daughter NUS. However, the followers Stas believe that he didn’t have to refer to Panin. The singer explained his position.
Стаса Костюшкина заставили оправдаться за связь с Паниным

Yesterday on the shore of the Black sea were shooting a video of Stas Kostyushkin not the song “OPA! Anapa!”. Recently the artist joined actor Alexey Panin, together with the daughter of the NUS. The idea of the video, the girl danced with the other children. The movie star played a character similar to his character from the movie “Zhmurki”.

In Instagram Panina also, there are short videos, seeing that it is possible to appreciate a friendly atmosphere on the set. “Carbon monoxide is a track straight in the summer! Leh and NUS, thank you for your patience and nuclear charisma,” said Stas on the page in a social network.

As the name Panin is associated with many compromising videos of his intimate content, Kostyushkina followers felt that he was wrong, inviting the actor to cooperate. Daughter of Alexei Panin was brought to tears on air “Let them talk”

“Kostyushkin – family-oriented, why this schmuck to stand, disgusted look, as if the other actors no, Stas, you don’t need it, it is a blow to your personal image!”, “I think that because Panin, this clip is doomed to Kostyushkin I have the same opinion changed”, “I’m in shock, how could this pervert, an alcoholic, sick in the head to shoot something,” wrote the Internet users.

Stas didn’t understand why people are so negative. He decided to protect his friend. In the short video, which later appeared on his page, he said goodbye to people who have unsubscribed from his account.

“Leh has played a fantastic character in the film Sergey Balabanov’s “Zhmurki”, I wanted the same in his video, so I took it. Lech came with his fantastic daughter NUS with huge eyes… Let’s be a little careful,” said Kostyushkin.

After Anapa Alexey Panin with her daughter planned a trip on the ferry to the Crimea. The actor in that clip with Kostyushkin gave rise to active discussion in the Network.

“People don’t think that the child reads, sees,” said Panin in the videos. Alex believes that many users of the Internet is very cruel to celebrities. In his view, these commentators are simply unhappy, and therefore evil.