Stas Doinikov prepared for the New year special outfit

Стас Дужников приготовил к Новому году специальный наряд
The actor will participate in the “Kielce on “Mosfilm”.

Стас Дужников приготовил к Новому году специальный наряд

Stas Doinikov

Photo: courtesy of the organizers of the event

Doinikov appeared familiar to him “Mosfilm” to act in
unusual video. This year the actor participates in the children’s spectacle “like a dream!”, which will go on
the Russian “factory of dreams” during the Christmas holidays. Stas got the role of the inventor. And the actor invited a few children from
orphanages in his native town of Saransk, provided them with tickets and even
involved in the organization of their holiday visit to Moscow

at Mosfilm” is already not the first year. This family show has already invited such
stars as Churikova, Dmitry Khrustalev, Catherine Spitz. And Oksana Fedorova participates in the Christmas story for several years
in a row. After all, “CineAlta” cooperates with her Charitable Foundation “Hurry
to do good”.

This year, Fedorova got the role of Zvezdochki who as a child dreamed of becoming an actress. Many years have passed, and
her dream was realized with the participation of father Frost and his assistants,
kingdomof (these amazing creatures live in a magical sugar bowl). By the way,
along with Fedorov in the new year the video was filmed and her five year old son Fedor,
for whom this was a debut in the acting profession.

Oksana Fedorova with son Theodore

Photo: courtesy of the organizers of the event

“Like a dream!”
this is a story about how on the eve of 2018, good-natured Kingdome perform
an important task of Santa Claus. The play takes place in the famous pavilion
1. In it at the time, filmed the legendary film “Spring” and “War and peace”, and
now performed the show “Ice age”, “Blue light” and “Saturday night”, and
the ceremony of awarding the prize “Golden eagle”. Way at the Studio
part coincides with the tour route: viewers will see the exhibition
props, old cameras, models of ancient weapons, a photo exhibition with
filming locations, original costumes gaydaevskih the “Trinity”. And in the next pavilion before the show opened
Christmas village with a rich entertainment program, mail Grandfather
Frost, installations photos, kinabula, face painting, lessons painting
gingerbread and master classes. Therefore, it is recommended to arrive an hour before
the start of the performance.