Started shooting a new season of “Junior”

Стартовали съемки нового сезона «Молодежки»
Continued hockey drama of TV channel STS will show in the fall.

Стартовали съемки нового сезона «Молодежки»

In the new season plot twists
remind unpredictable game on the ice, and the number of intrigues are comparable
with the match “Russia-Canada”. It would seem that after the victory of the Youth team in
“Tournament of Four” everything fell into place. But in professional sport it is impossible
to win always!

“We did a lot of training in anticipation of the fourth
season, said performer of the role of goalkeeper Igor Bakin Seeds of Cucumbers. — The first day
always exciting, but when I saw uncle Kolya Dobrynin — my screen
dad immediately calmed down. We have all become truly family — to the site
come, as a home. As for the new series, the script was very
cool, very cool and very funny. I won’t reveal all the cards, say
only one thing: finally, Bakin achieve what he wanted.”

Recall that in Juniors in addition to young artists, who played hockey in
the series starred Fedor Bondarchuk, Denis Nikiforov, Andrey Merzlikin, Vladimir
Sterzhakov, Anatoly kot, as well as a guest star in a cameo role — Viktor Gusev, Vyacheslav Fetisov and Alexey

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