Звезды, которые выбрали для осени свитера с открытым плечом

Звезды, которые выбрали для осени свитера с открытым плечом

This season’s trend for sweater off shoulder becomes stronger, and our favorite stars love something, Yes, Stripping. From bright colors to different patterns and different silhouettes, let’s look at their favorite stars in fall trends!
The fact that the temperature outside is dropping, doesn’t mean we can’t show a bit of open body. The hottest celebrities show us that in sweaters with exposed shoulders can warm up and be in trend at the same time. Stars such as Ariel winter, Kendall Jenner, Dua Lipa, Mila kunis and Chrissy Teigen, always shocking the audience with a variety of outfits!

The open shoulder is a must for a casual chic look, and at the same time the sweater – it’s so convenient. A style that can be sexy and comfortable at the same time?
Yes, please! From the tight body cashmere to hulking silhouettes — our favorite
images of sweaters off the shoulder.

Звезды, которые выбрали для осени свитера с открытым плечом

Dua Lipa one of the first who picked up this wave. The singer took to the streets of London, where she arrived for fashion Week in September 2019, in colorful off-shoulder sweater. Under the sweater the singer is wearing a gorgeous lace top that resembled underwear.
That certainly gave her more sexual image. The sweater was black-and-white, elongated and with large side slits. Her relaxed look was courtesy of the famous fashion house. She combined the sweater with black biker shorts
and silver sandals with a wedge heel.

Another star who picked up the trend is Kendall Jenner. She moved a little further, wearing a sweater with two open sides. The star was spotted in new York, it combines the gray off-shoulder sweater, jeans and ankle boots with spikes for
perfect look. To complete the image of Kendall added a pair of simple sunglasses aviators, which complemented her street style.

From cozy sweaters with bare shoulders to a tight-fitting knitted tops image off the shoulder – very loved by the celebrities!

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