Звезды, победившие и обманувшие старость!

Do you know how many have already hit the handsome actor and musician Jared Leto is 25 or maybe 30 years? If you are standing, you better sit down! He’s 47 years old!
“I’m Jared Leto, on the Internet say that I don’t age or about the fact that I sold my soul to the devil!”, there is You Tube a handsome musician.
And to be honest, this is very similar to the truth! After constant experimentation on himself. To play a transsexual Jared Joseph Leto had to throw as much as 23 kilograms.
“When you lose that weight changes everything! How you move, how you speak, how you think, how you feel, how people perceive you. It completely changes you as a person.”, — shares his impressions after filming actor.

Звезды, победившие и обманувшие старость!
And before that, the actor was actively gaining weight, not much and not enough, and as much as 32 kilograms, and in order to play the mentally ill murderer in the film “Chapter 27”. But after all these stunning transformations Jared was a brilliant return to form. What is his secret?
“We joke with brother Shannon, we just missed our first divorce!”, said Jared on a radio program.

Звезды, победившие и обманувшие старость!
The actor hints that are well preserved due to the fact that not married! Like, not who he nerves, so wrinkles don’t appear! But it seems our star a little flirting! The man carefully monitors his health, his rule includes the lack of cigarettes and hard “NO” to alcohol. Summer sports in the fresh air, and I’m sure beauty is a dream a lot of sleep!
Well Nepal you Jared!
Another young woman — who seems to be awash in anti-aging creams – Jennifer Lopez! The artist does not change over the years, dancing on stage, in films, has two children and constantly and constantly shakes her buttocks!
“I train as much as you can, somewhere three times a week, 1 hour a day, and I’m happy!”, — said Jennifer.
Of course, happy! Still, 50 years to have such an ass, such a press – and not be happy? By her happy husband – Alex Rodriguez! The couple trains together, Jennifer says, he loves sports. But besides sports Jennifer knows other secrets of youth.
“Water, lots of water, I believe it helps not to get fat, I can’t believe how much I drink, I just drink all day!”, shares his beauty secrets on one of the shows Jennifer.

Звезды, победившие и обманувшие старость!
And she does not smoke, does not drink alcohol and says “NO” to caffeine in any form because it all leads to a rapid aging of the skin. And of course diet!
“We eat a lot of green vegetables: asparagus, Brussels sprouts, broccoli… I love to cook and cook a lot! I love Puerto Rican food, because I grew up on it!”, — shared Jennifer.

So, as you can see, careful care and in 50 years to look 20!
“What are you talking about? I can’t be sexy because I’m over forty? Or because I’m the mom? Mothers can’t be sexy? I don’t remember who I was at 20, but I know who I am now. Now I’ve blossomed!”, — firmly declares Jennifer.

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