Stars supported Terry Kruse after his statement about harassment

Звезды поддержали Терри Крюса после его заявления о домогательствах

In October, comedian and actor Terry crews said that a year ago, one of the most influential “cones” of Hollywood touched his private parts at a party. According to Kruse, it was Adam Venit. If many Hollywood stars have decided to remain silent on the situation, some decided to support the actor and said they believe his colleague.

Звезды поддержали Терри Крюса после его заявления о домогательствах

“Terry crews stand-up comedian. He’s literally the most kind and pleasant people in the industry. He is honest, kind and a true professional. I believe him and support him.” says the American actress Gabrielle Union in its Twitter account, adding in the end of the message the hashtag #MeToo.

In support of the actor also spoke with Director Paul Fig: “I worked with Terry Crews on the movie “Bachelorette party in Vegas.” He’s just a wonderful and caring person. I fully support and soglashus that he was treated without respect. Hollywood needs to support all victims of sexual harassment and harassment.”

Actor Isaiah Washington has decided not to remain silent and also expressed support for the act: “I did Not want to meddle in the situation, but don’t want to be a coward, so I fully support Terry. You’re a good man, and his skin felt as this city falls down. You’re doing it right brother. Stay with us and know that the truth will always be higher.”

“He played my father, but this does not affect the fact that I respect him as a man in the industry. So Terry lived behind the scenes.” says actor Tyler James Williams, adding that crews not like showing itself on the screen.

The same actor was supported by Anika Noni rose and Judah Friedlander.

Recall that after zavlenie the actor of sexual harassment, the police Department of Los Angeles began the investigation into Adam Venita, who previously worked with talent Agency WME and dismissed from the company as soon as Terry crews made his statement on Twitter. In his message, muscular actor said he suffered from harassment by “big Hollywood big shots” at the party last year the man allegedly grabbed his “private area” to which Terry himself recoiled and asked, “what are You doing?”, and the only “brazenly smiled.” Immediately after the charges, the agent called Kruse and apologized for the behavior. But a year later, apparently, an apology to the actor is not enough.

Foreign sources claim that after a month of unpaid pause in the work for the firm William Morris Endeavor (WME), the agent went back to work at the position.

In the framework of a sex scandal many famous and less famous Actresses admitted harassment by producer Weinstein and many other Directors. Some even said that not only men harassing young Actresses, but girls Directors. Recently the actor, who played in the movie “star trek,” Anthony RAPP, said that 58-year-old Kevin spacey molested him at the age of 14 years. After this, Kevin publicly apologized and swore to the statement the recognition of non-traditional orientation.